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  1. Hello,

    I am trying to learn the Arabic alphabet and finding it rather difficult. I am wondering if Arabic linguists and scholars have tried to simplify it. For example, just use the form of the isolate case and not use the other three forms (initial, middle, and end positions)? Of course, if these other forms occur in the Koran, I can see why it has not been done and I will do my best to learn it.

    Marcel Roncevaux

  2. Hi Marcel! I’ve never heard of any such attempts at simplifying the Arabic alphabet. I’m afraid you’ll have to learn all the shapes. But, there are some shortcuts. You need to focus on *why* the letters change their shapes depending on their position. For example, the “tail” at the end of the letter ‘meem’ gets “cut off” if the letter is connected to the left. The reason: it would be too cumbersome to go all the way down with the pen and then up again to connect to the next letter. For more tricks like this, you can take a look at the method I describe here for learning the Arabic script.

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