Arabic Alphabet: Painless And Within Hours

The Arabic writing system is often said to be hellishly difficult. What if you could learn to read and write Arabic painlessly and within only a few hours?

Let me tell you a story from my own experience of learning the Arabic alphabet. In fact I was enrolled in an Arabic class at community college and it took us 9 months to master the writing system. Trust me, it was NOT fun! This is why, some 8 years later, I decided to look for a method that would help people learn the Arabic alphabet faster and without torturous rote memorization. Unfortunately, such a method did not exist in the market. So I set out to develop it myself. I can genuinely say that the result is simply amazing and was well worth the effort.

I’m in the final stages of writing a book on the Arabic Alphabet and the writing system. I plan to make it available very soon. The book is unique in that it does not require hours of rote memorization or endless copying of the 28 letters. Instead it is based on memory aids (mnemonics) that make it virtually effortless to remember the Arabic letters. “The Magic Key To The Arabic Alphabet” will be released soon in a digital format so that everyone can have access to it instantly.

Yes, I will charge for it. However, it will be much less than you would spend on enrolling in an Arabic program.

I’ll also be releasing a free eBook that is aimed not only at beginners, but at anyone with an interest in Arabic. It is entitled “You Already Know Arabic” and contains over 200 words that are shared between English and Arabic. Words, such as electronics, falafel and even cave! Whatever your Arabic level, just by reading this book you will add another 200 words to your vocabulary without having to “learn” them – you already know them!

UPDATE: The Magic Key To The Arabic Alphabet is now available for immediate download.

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