Lion-Hearted Girl Tattoo

Arabic tattoo design for “lion-hearted girl” as requested by Vicky:

hello, you wouldnt happen to know what ‘lion hearted girl’ would look like in arabic? thank you!

The best translation of this concept is probably بنت ذات قلب الأسد (pronounced bint dhaat qalb ul-asad). This translates literally as ” [a] girl [that] possesses heart of the lion”.

Here is the phrase “lion-hearted girl” in Arabic in five different fonts:

I hope you like the designs Vicky!

15 thoughts on “Lion-Hearted Girl Tattoo

  1. Hello i wanted a similar phrase and was looking over this one, what dialect are you using. I don’t understand the word “dhaat”. I’m Lebanese and speak Lebanese but not 100% correctly. See in my head it would be phrased “Bint yala 3anda alb el assad”
    “Girl that has the heart of a lion”. Could you please correct me if i’m wrong?

  2. Hi Nano! Almost all of the tattoo designs I present on my blog and contained in my Arabic Tattoos ebook are based on Modern Standard Arabic (called fuS-Ha in Arabic). This is the language of the written word, the media, politicians, universities, religion etc. You’re almost right about “qalb”, as “kalb” (with a “k”-sound) means “dog”. However, “qalb” with a “q”-sound means heart. In Lebanese and many other colloquial spoken dialects, the “qaaf” is usually replaced with a glottal stop: ‘alb. Perhaps this may be the reason why you confused the two?

  3. Yes definitely, about the heart word. That clarifies the situation. Thank you.
    Love this website.

  4. Hi would love make me the latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem’, could you desing it for me in arabic please?¿



  5. hi i wanna get a tattoo but i need the correct translation of believe do you think you can help please or creé in spanish i dont trust google translator

  6. Hey I was wondering if you could translate the word ‘shine’ from english into arabic please? Thanks(:

  7. Hey would you mind spelling me these words letter per letter not attached? Thank you very much!

  8. Hi Giulia, why would you want the letters in their isolated forms? It’s almost never a good idea to separate them, as Arabic is similar to handwritten cursive English insofar as the letters always have to be connected (with the exception of a certain number of letters).

  9. Hello, could you please translate “a love that never dies” to Arabic? I’d very much appreciate it! Please and thank you! –Elysia 😉

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