Arabic Calligraphy Design: Poetess

Recently, I received a request from a potential client for a crescent-shaped tattoo design of “poetess” (woman poet). The order didn’t materialize in the end but I went ahead and did a preliminary design anyways.

Here is the result:


Arabic Tattoo Design "Poetess"


In plain text:


Note that a lot of this calligraphic tattoo design consists of decorative elements and the ‘ayn is written in its full form for aesthetic reasons.

5 thoughts on “Arabic Calligraphy Design: Poetess

  1. This is really beautiful. You are a real artist 🙂
    You do such a nice work.. Congrats!
    I was wondering if you could help me and post in arabic calligraphy the word “unique”
    I look forward your response
    thanks in advance
    keep going!

  2. really this amazing calligraphy designs,, keep up always ,, i will be happy if you wrote ( مريم ) this is my name mariam ,,

  3. This is very nice!:) can u please how DUBAI would look.I want to get a tattoo of it to have a reminder of the wonderfull vecation I had over there…thank u

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