Arabic Tattoo Perseverance

Today a Portuguese speaker asked me for a tattoo translation:

Bom dia Max,

gostaria de fazer uma tatuagem escrito Perseverar, Perseverança. Poderias me enviar pra eu poder fazer?
A tatuagem da Angelina Jolie? o que significa? como escrevo?



I don’t speak any Portuguese, but from my knowledge of Spanish I assume that you want to have the word “perseverance” as an Arabic tattoo?

The best translation for “perseverance” in Arabic would be “المثابرة” (pronounced al-muthaabira).

Below is the word written in five different fonts:

"perseverance" in Arabic

"perseverance" in Arabic

As for Angelina Jolie’s tattoo (“determination”) please see my post “Arabic Tattoos – The Latest Celebrity Must-Have“.

7 thoughts on “Arabic Tattoo Perseverance

  1. No problem. I hope you find my translation useful in your decision on whether to get the tattoo or not.

  2. can you write the word “perseverance” in arabic letters but when you read it, it reads perseverance in english??

  3. @Roro: Not sure why you’d want to do that, but here it is:
    It would be pronounced “beer see fee raans”. Please see my custom tattoo design service if you want to have this transliteration of “perseverance” into Arabic designed as a tattoo.

  4. Hello!!

    Could you help me with the following:

    I want to get a tattoo with my name in Arabic, my name is Heizel, so in Arabic will be written as ايسيل.
    Now my concerning is about the meaning of the world, Does this word have some meaning?

    If yes, which one is the meaning? If not, would you recommend me to make me a tattoo without meaning??

  5. hola! queria saber como es la traduccion de ” tu alma en mi alma brillará por siempre iluminando así el tiempo de mi existir” en árabe.. muchisimas gracias

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