The Magic Key To The Arabic Alphabet

By Max Maddocks

The ebook The Magic Key To The Arabic Alphabet is an innovative course to learn to read and write the Arabic script in an enjoyable and painless manner.

After completing the course you will have mastered all 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet with carefully-crafted memory associations that allow for retention of the Arabic letters in your long-term memory.

This type of mnemonic device goes back to the Ancient Greeks who successfully used this technique to memorize thousands of verses. Now you can harness the same techniques to propel your Arabic to a new level.

You will be able to read and write complete Arabic words and sentences.

Through the extensive illustrations and fun exercises you’ll be able to recognize how each letter is drawn, both in printing and in handwriting. There will be tangible, real rapid progress right from the start.

Genie Languages 2009
PDF format