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Here are some basic Arabic phrases that you can use straight away to survive in an Arabic country. The English words are followed by the Arabic pronunciation and the word written in Arabic script.

  1. Basic Words
  2. Directions and Travel
  3. Shopping
  4. Greeting and Meeting


yes na3am نعم
no la لا
is it possible to…? mumkin…? ممكن
May I write? mumkin aktub? ممكن أكتب؟
it is necessary… laazim… لازم
I need to write. laazim aktub. لازم أكتب
please min faDlik من فضلك
you’re welcome 3afwan عفواً
please come inside / please take a look tafaDDal تفضل

Directions and Travel

Where is…? ayna…? أين
Where is the bank? ayna al-maSraf? أين المصرف؟
the restaurant al-maTa3am المطعم
the toilet al-Hammaam الحمام
the hotel al-funduQ الفندق
the airport al-maTaar المطار
the museum al-matHaf المتحف
the mosque al-masdjid المسجد
the hosiptal al-mustashfa المستشفى
the police station markaz ash-shurTa مركز الشرطة
left al-yasaar اليسار
right al-yameen اليمين
straight 3ala Tool على طول
the street ash-shaari3 الشارع
the street corner an-naaSiya الناصية
taxi taksi تكسي
bus utoobees اوتوبيس
square maydaan ميدان
liberation square maydaan at-taHreer ميدان التحرير


How much is this? bikam hadha? بكم هذا؟
I want to buy this. ana ureedu ashtari hadha. أنا أريد أشتري هذا
I don’t want to buy… ana la ureedu asthari… أنا لا أريد أشتري
Can you offer a discount? mumkin takhfeeD? ممكن تخفيض؟
This is too expensive hadha ghali djiddan هذا غالي جداً
cheap rakheeS رخيس
Do you have…? hal 3ayndakum…? هل عندكم؟


hello as-salaamu 3alaykum or marhaba السلام عليكم
hello (reply) wa 3alaykum as-salaam وعليكم السلام
goodbye ma3 as-salaama مع السلامة
How are you? kayf al-Haal? كيف الحال؟
I’m very well ana bi-khayr أنا بخير

49 thoughts on “Arabic Phrases

  1. Hi, I want to put a tattoo with my boys names, Kyle and Kyan, can you tell how to write down their name in arabic

  2. i would like to know what the words ‘ honesty ‘ and ‘ trust ‘ would look like.
    perfect spelling because it is for a tattoo

  3. as to tony the arabic word for faith is Iman written إيمان

    and honesty has the same root as Iman, the word is Amana أمانة and the word for trust is Theqah ثقة although they often use the word Amana for both, the root means integrity or uprightness, in other word worthy of faith or worth of my trust

  4. @ Bianca
    family is العائله and if you mean my family it’s عائلتي
    my father and my mother is ابي و امي or والدي و والدتي

  5. Oi, sou do Brasil e gostaria da tradução para o árabe dos nomes: CAROLINA e RAPHAEL.
    E como fica em árabe a frase: “Meus filhos, presentes de DEUS.”

  6. how would u write unbreakable in arabic. Unbreakable in the sense that you a re a strong person and not easily broken

  7. Hola me gustaria saber como se escribe “en mi corazon por siempre y para siempre”,me lo quiero tatuar ,muchas gracias

  8. How would you say “strive for happiness” or “fight for happiness”? Thank you

  9. Could you please let me know how to say “Welcome” in Arabic. We are getting a new student for our school and he is from Ahba Dhabi. We understand he speaks Arabic and would like to have a sign up to Welcome him. Thank you so much

  10. Hi Barbara, “welcome” would be “ahlan wa sahlan”, with the “h” sound a bit more pronounced than in English. In Arabic script:
    اهلا وسهلا

  11. my name is ayanna….but the arabic form is ayana….would it have the same spelling in arabic? i’m confused and if so how would it look in arabic? could it still be spelled with 2 n’s verses 1?

  12. do you do figural caligraphy? cause i want “actions speak louder then words” but in a cool shape

  13. Hiya! Really hope you can help me! How do you write ‘god is my judge’ in arabic? Thanks in advance!!

  14. Hey, could you tell me what ‘welcome to Bermuda’ is in Arabic? as well as ‘Natalie’. Thanks! 🙂

  15. How would you write
    “Mama may have, and papa may have, but god bless the child who’s got his own”

    “the time is always now”

    also how would you write

    “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you’ve always got”

  16. come si scrive in arabo “forza interiore”, vorrei fare un tattoo, ti prego aiutami!!! 🙂 grazie

  17. Hello Max,

    thanks a lot for this really helpful site and your Magic Key to the Arabic Alphabet!

    One request for translation, please, can someone tell me what this means:

    حسبي الثة ونعم الوكيل

    Thank you very much!

  18. what would be “Trust” in Arabic? My boyfriend and I want to get it tattood and I want to make sure it’s the correct word before I put it permanently on my body lol

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