“How To Write My Name In Arabic”

5 crucial tips to get the correct translation of your name in Arabic

Whether you are thinking about getting your name in Arabic as a tattoo or you just want to know what your name would look like written in Arabic letters, you will know exactly what to do after reading these five crucial tips on Arabic name translations.

1. Short vowels turn into long vowels

In Arabic short vowels are usually not written. So a short “e”-sound like in the word “wet” would not be written, resulting in “wt”. However, in foreign names the short vowels are often turned into long vowels that are part of the Arabic alphabet. This is done so that it is easier to recognize the words as names. As an example, the name “Angela” would be written like this in Arabic:


This is pronounced “anjeelaa”.

2. Some sounds have no equivalent in Arabic

Certain sounds used in English are not present in the Arabic language. In these cases the Arabic letters with the closest sounds are used instead to translate names. For example, the “g”-sound does not exist in Modern Standard Arabic, so “Megan” becomes:


which is pronounced “meeghaan”, where the “gh” is like a French “r” from the throat.

Other English sounds that do not have a direct equivalent in Arabic:

  • v -> becomes “f”
  • p -> becomes “b”
  • r -> becomes a trilled “r”, like in Spanish

3. More than one acceptable translation

There often are a number of different acceptable Arabic translations for a single name. This can depend on taste or just convention. Usually, it is a safe bet to go with the name that is more frequently used. One way to find out which translation is more popular is to put the alternatives into a search engine and then compare the number of results returned. (Be cautious though, as some name translations are also words in Arabic or in Persian, which might distort the results.)

4. Arabic equivalent names

For some Western names there are Arabic equivalents. This is especially true for names with a Biblical background, such as David or Abraham, that become Dawood and Ibraheem. In this case one can either go with the Arabic equivalents or with the direct sound translation (“daafeed” and “abrahaam”).

5. Where to get an accurate translation?

If you are looking for the correct way to write your name in Arabic for a tattoo or you need to be sure that it is absolutely accurate, then you should consider getting a professional translation of your name. Why not check out the service I offer here for name translations? Alternatively, you should check out my Arabic Tattoos eBook that contains Arabic translations and designs for over 120 male and female names.

Click here to get your name translated into Arabic now.

Some examples of name translations into Arabic: Rachel in Arabic | Joanne in Arabic | Renata in Arabic | Natasha in Arabic

60 thoughts on ““How To Write My Name In Arabic”

  1. Hi Max,

    My name’s Desiree and actually I was searching in the Internet for a translation for my name in Arabic as I want to make some kind of wand tattoo in my new flat. I found different translations and I don’t know which one to choose. I saw on your blog that you sometimes translate words for your readers, so maybe you could help me.

    thanks a lot!


  2. Hi Desiree!
    Your name in Arabic is spelled:


    It is pronounced “deezeeree”. If you want to have your name designed in different Arabic fonts, then please take a look at my custom tattoo design service.

    Hi Desiree!
    Auf Arabisch schreibt man Deinen Namen so:


    Die Aussprache ist “diesierie”. Wenn Du Deinen Namen auf Arabisch in verschiedenen Schriftarten haben möchtest, dann verweise ich Dich auf meinen Tattoo Design und Übersetzungsservice.

  3. can you please give me the following words in arabic, please e-mail them to me. thank you.

    1. I can only trust in god
    2. Lenora

  4. I would like to Know how to write “Seanya” in Arabic Thanks in advance

  5. ordered my name design yesterday and it’s done already. looks great! thx for the fast turnaround time Max!

  6. Hi, well my dad told me that our last name is Arabic but I want to make sure.
    Our Last is Mazani is that and arabic surname.

  7. Hi
    I am getting my mums name tattooed and i wanted to know how it would be spelt in arabic her name is Josephine. Can anyone help? I am getting tattooed tomorrow at 3.00 I am in Thai Land so I am 3 hours behind from Melbourne. Thanks

  8. Hi Suzie! I would strongly advise you to delay the tattoo appointment until you are sure that the tattoo design you are using is correct. My current turnaround time for tattoo translations and designs is 2 days. Please visit the tattoo design page here to find out how to get an accurate name translation and design. Makes sure to indicate the correct pronunciation of your mother’s name (i.e. is it French jo zef een or German yo sef een e?).

  9. I wanted to know how to write my children’s names in Arabic. Their names are Jamilah and Samir.

  10. Hi i would like to get a tattoo with my children’s names in arabic. What would Fraser and Innes be in arabic? hope u can help?..

  11. hey can you translate me these names into arabic for me be big help 🙂
    alan kennedy – south
    thomas patrick
    mitchell leroy

  12. Hey, I’m getting tattoed of my mom’s name soon and her name is Isabella Gloria. I google translated it and it gave me this إيزابيلا جلوريا … I was wondering if this is correct? If not, could you help me out? x

  13. Hi I want to get both my granddaughters names tattooed in Arabic can you please translate for me…… They are Mariyah and Ryleigh.

    Many thanks

  14. Hi i like to know how my name Leroy is written in arabic cause i want to get a tattoo wth my name, thnks fpr your help! 🙂

  15. Hi my name is Sonam and I am getting a tattoo next week and i am getting Sukhtej written in Arabic however I don’t think the Arabic translation is right can u please help me?

  16. Hi i find it hard to look what is my arabic name…anyone who can help me? I am wyndell ambat and my wife is joy ambat. We need our arabic name for employment purposes…thanks for help..

  17. My name is Bianca and my friend’s name is russel. Can you please translate it for us? Thanks

  18. Can you please tell me how to spell haroon deen and nobila deen in arabic thanks

  19. Hi,

    My name is Leleshya, please can you assist me as to how to write my name in Arabic for a tattoo.

    Thank you

  20. Pls help me… i want to know how my name written in arabic..
    My name is : SLY BIANO MARTIN

  21. Pls help me… i want to know how my name written in arabic..
    My name is : SLY BIANO MARTIN


  22. How would my name. Look in Arabic Wanda
    or Hebrew Thank you Wanda I want to get a necklace

  23. Hi I’m trying to get Sheylyn in arabic letters but it’s not coming up like Sheylyn it’s coming up as Shaylin

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