Love in Arabic, Natasha: More Arabic Tattoos

Another round of Arabic tattoo translations:

I was just looking on your website and wondered if you could possibly translate these words for me. I have wanted an Arabic tattoo for some time now, but I have been so busy, and also trying to find the correct translation has been proving hard! So I’m here hoping you can help me. My name is Natassja (or Natasha, I just spell it differently) would you be able to translate my name into Arabic? Even if you can only translate the common spelling “Natasha” that would be great!

Also please could you translate love (meaning the love between a couple) and strength and courage (as separate words please).

Natassja (Natasha) in Arabic

Ok, let’s start with your name. I’m glad you provided the pronunciation for your name, because the most important thing for translating names into Arabic is that the sound of the name is preserved. The spelling cannot be preserved and would in fact be misleading – Arabic words are pronounced as they are written.

Natasha in Arabic is ناتاشا, which is the closest phonetically that you can get to the original pronunciation. I also believe that this is the most popular translation of your name.

If you do a Google search for this name in Arabic you will find that there are around 61,000 results for this spelling. The alterative translation نتاشا is found less than 30,000 times.

Here is Natasha in Arabic in 4 different fonts:

Natasha in Arabic tattoo

Natasha in Arabic tattoo

Love in Arabic

“Love” in Arabic is حبّ (pronounced Hubb, with the H being strongly aspirated). But, in Arabic abstract concepts are usually prefixed with the article ال (al). So, the best translation is الحبّ (al-Hubb).

There are two different versions of this word below, because one can write it with the shadda sign (the little “w” above the letter on the left) or without it. The function of this sign is to indicate that the letter underneath is doubly pronounced. But, Arabs know this anyways, so it is not really necessary to write it. In the end, it is up to you whether to use the shadda or not.

Below is “love” in Arabic in 4 different fonts:

Version1: Love in Arabic with shadda

Version1: Love in Arabic with shadda

Version2: Love in Arabic tattoo without shadda

Version2: Love in Arabic tattoo without shadda

Strength in Arabic & courage in Arabic

I’ve already translated these two words in a recent blog post. Please see here for the Arabic tattoos of “strength” and “courage”.

Let me know if you find this helpful!

68 thoughts on “Love in Arabic, Natasha: More Arabic Tattoos

  1. hi i wondered if it was possible for you to show me how to write love is blind in the first font you used to write Version1: Love in Arabic with shadda? Thanks

  2. Hello! I would like to get a tattoo in arabic that says:
    Wisdom, Strength, and Love.
    I am so scare to have the wrong spelling inked on my body, I have researched on the net, but i get different answers.
    I hope you can help! thank u very much!

  3. Hi,
    can you please tell me how to write the words below in arabic.
    Always remember never forget


  4. Soha, I appreciate your trying to help out, but please be aware that for a tattoo the grammar and spelling has to be accurate. The translation you suggest contains a spelling mistake (تنسي). Also, many readers don’t have proper Arabic language support installed on their PCs, so it might be better to go with my Custom Tattoo Design service that includes the translations in PDF format.

  5. could one of you tell me what ‘heart of the ocean’ and ‘gemma’ translates into in arabic pleaseeeeeeeee!!

  6. I want an arabic tattoo that says love on my finger, which is best because I understand there’s different ways to write it, so I want to make sure I have the correct translation, either love or peace.

  7. Irene, as I stated in my blog post above, it is really a matter of personal choice, whether to include the shadda or not; it does not alter the meaning or the main writing of the letters. The shadda is not a part of the letters themselves.

  8. Hey this is really useful thanks… So the way it is written actually makes sense in all fonts?

    Which one would be the most accurate?

    I like all but the second one but i wouldnt want some one to read it and be like that doesnt mean anything

    Thanks Carman

  9. Hi, I was really trying to find out how to write : wrong to hate, never to love. In Arabic?

  10. I am trying to get a tattoo that will read “Forever Love” in Arabic. Can you help?

  11. hi i want to know how you write love and karma in arabic with the shadda. please i have searched and i get different ways

  12. Kathy, take a look at this blog post here, that includes designs for “karma”. I think by “shadda” you mean all the diacritic signs (harakaat or tashkeel). However, these are not necessary for “karma”, as the two alifs already indicate the vowel sounds.

  13. hi! im trying to get a tattoo that will read “Andrea – True Love”. i need your help please…

  14. Hi ArabicGenie, how would I write : Love to Hate, Hate to Love. Thank you! Also how does the word hate sounds? Thanks.

  15. Hi ArabicGenie, I’d like to also know how to write “mother” and “father”? Thanks.

  16. i want to get a tattoo in arabic but could never find a good translation..I was wondering if you can translate “Always Remembered, Never Forgotten” in arabic for me please i would really appreciate it alot 😀 and also the word Esctasy 😀 thank you again

  17. Arabic genie, i got given to me a book of fake tattoo designs that you could do on kids with paint and things… Anyway in the book there is a arabic symbol for love. I designed a tattoo around this symbol and just thought i better look to see if its right but cannot find it anywhere! Is there a symbol or have a been misled? Hope you can help…thanks.

  18. Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with translating “Love Rules Without Rules” to Arabic?

  19. hi,
    I’ve been looking for the phrase “God is Love” – but i keep getting different versions.
    Could you please help me out?

  20. Hi ArabicGenie, I was wondering if you could show me your version in Arabic please of “Debbie and Dave” I had this tattoo henna’d on to the base of my neck on recent holiday to Tunisia and wow it was brilliant and the attention it got, it was spelt in such a way it said “Debbie My Dave” i.e. Debbie and Dave together forever so everyone kept telling me. I had this done in the hotel and the Manager of the shop was so helpful, I have a photograph of the exact tattoo but would also like to see your version which I might purchase to take to the tattooist. Many thanks, Kind Regards, Debs

  21. Hi! I just purchased your Arabic Tattoos book online (great book!), but did not find the translation for the word “Trust” in it? I found the word “Faith”, which is similar, but I’m hoping there is another, closer translation to TRUST?

  22. Hi, this looks like an awesome site for very accurate translations. So I was wondering if you can translate the phrase “Honest and Loyal” into Arabic for me. Please and thank you, I would very much appreciate it.

  23. hallo leuke site,ik wil graag liefde als tattoo maar ik begrijp de shada nuet wat betekend dat precies?alvast bedankt

  24. is there a difference between this love symbol (it says between a couple at the top) and the symbol you would use to represent love between family? i.e. between my grandmother and I?

  25. Hi I would like to get a tattoo in Arabic saying Love and Hate could you please translate that for me please,

  26. Hi ArabicGenie, i would like to know what is the difference between those simbols of love? I reall like 3rd one. Thanks a lot

  27. i am trying to get a tattoo of soul, most of my research has said it is but i am afraid of getting the wrong tat help!!!! روح

  28. hi ,,i found ur blog an awsome plce to slove my prob..i wana get a tatoo done “rajdip” so can u plz translate it in arabic must b a geuine translation ..n give me few designs ..i ll b grateful to u..

  29. i want to get a tattoo saying ‘ The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page’
    can yo translate that please?

  30. Which font is the most traditional Arabic font you show in the example above for love? What are the names of the fonts that you show us?


  31. hi can you write me name EMA in arabic, and if u can tell me if there is a difference between EMA and EMMA because i don’t want to get wrong tattoo
    I found these words
    and I’m not sure which one is name EMA


  32. Hi how do you write “music is life” is arabic? I’ve been looking for the correct translation but I get different results everything. Thank you.

  33. hi how do you write “Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. ” in arabic? i want that quote tattooed on my back?

  34. Please help me.. I really want a tattoo saying true love always in Arabic but there Is so many different ways please help

  35. Please please please can you tell me how to translate ” live, laugh, love” into Arabic as every translate I have seen is different!

  36. Hi arabic genie – I would like a tattoo that says to live is to love in Arabic . Can you please help me

  37. Good Morning,

    I’m going in to get my tattoo done today, was just wondering if you could confirm the Arabic for me-

    “Be at peace, not in pieces.”


    “And I shall wait for our tomorrow”

    If you could email it to me that would be fantastic!

    Thank-you very much.


  38. Hi there, is the “al-“ prefix needed if your not specifically trying to say “I love you”, but trying to refer to love as a concept overall?
    Thank you!

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