Arabic Tattoos – Pick ‘n’ Mix

Or: Arabic Tattoo Frenzy

Over the last 14 days or so I’ve received quite a few Arabic tattoo translation requests. I was too busy to answer them immediately, but I have not forgotten about them. Here they are…

By the way, if you’re really serious about learning Arabic yourself, then why not start with my easy method for the Arabic alphabet?


Inner Strength

Hi 🙂

I’m dying to get a tattoo and would like something in arabic as i love the beauty of the script…I’ve been looking for someone to translate ‘inner strength’ or a nearest possible translation and I wondered if you may be able to help me as you seem to know what your talking about?! Could you also please translate my name and my star sign, Libra, please? 😀 Im a bit paranoid of ending up with something incorrect and can’t decide which one to go with!

Thank you so much! 😀


The concept of “inner strength” would be القوة الداخلية (al-quwwa ad-daakhileeya). Google seems to agree with my translation, insofar as there are more than 38,000 matches for this exact phrase used in meaningful contexts. Literally this translates as “the-strength the-inner”. Below are five different designs (fonts) for this Arabic phrase.

Arabic Tattoo Design "Inner Strength"

Arabic Tattoo Design "Inner Strength"

Spiritual Strength

Alternatively, one could opt for something closer to “spiritual strength”, which would be القوة الروحية (al-quwwa ar-rooHeeya). Literally, “the-strength the-spiritual”, where الروح (ar-rooH) refers to the soul. Google results for this phrase are more than 43,000 – so, also commonly used.

Arabic Tattoo "Spiritual Strength"

Arabic Tattoo "Spiritual Strength"


The star sign “Libra” would be برج الميزان (burdj al-meezaan) or simply الميزان (al-meezaan). As a tattoo, I’d go with the simpler version. The word الميزان (al-meezaan) literally means “the-scales”, but it’s used to refer to the star sign too.

Arabic Tattoo "Libra"

Arabic Tattoo "Libra"


Your name transcribed into Arabic would be جوان (djoo-an). However, this looks exactly like the Persian word for “young” – جوان (javân). Perhaps that might be cool to have, a tattoo in Arabic script that can be read as both your name (in Arabic) and as “young” (in Persian).

Arabic Tattoo "Joanne"/ Persian "young"

Arabic Tattoo "Joanne"/ Persian "young"


hi max, I want a tattoo in arabic but I dont want any mistakes and I really like your blog
I was wondering if you could send me the following words in arabic in a very simple font


and my name


( I am still trying to decide wich one, so please make it separated) thankyou so much

For love, see my Arabic tatto design here: Love In Arabic.


Karma is a concept that is not widely-used in the Arab World. The best translation is simply كارما (kaarma).

Arabic Tattoo "Karma"

Arabic Tattoo "Karma"


The Arabic for “peace” is سلام (salaam). However, peace as an abstract concept would be “the peace” in Arabic, which is السلام (as-salaam).

Arabic Tattoo "Peace"

Arabic Tattoo "Peace"


I would transcribe your name as ريناتا (reenaata). Don’t worry about the long “ee” – in Arabic it’s usual practice to transcribe the short vowels from foreign names into long vowels in Arabic. This is due to the fact that short vowels are not written in Arabic, so that your name would not be recognizable if short vowels are maintained in Arabic.

Arabic Tattoo "Renata"

Arabic Tattoo "Renata"


hi my name is abe, im interested in getting a tattoo but i want to
make sure i know what im going to get tattooed on me is. can you help
me out with these simple questions;
1. what kind of dialect from the arabic language is most commonly used
on tattoos?
2. what is the correct way to spell these two phrases; 1. God and
Faith 2. Ambition
3. also, i’ve seen these tattos written vertically, one letter under
the other, which means they are not connected, does that mean they are

1. Most of the Arabic tattoos I’ve seen are in Modern Standard Arabic. However, I’ve also seen some in the Egyptian and Lebanese dialects.

2. “God and faith” would be الله والإيمان (allah wal-imaan). Note that الله (allah) refers to God in all three monotheistic religions (Jewish, Christian or Muslim).


Arabic Tattoo "God And Faith"

3. Writing Arabic vertically, with disconnected letters is not necessarily wrong, but perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing as horizontal writing, where all letters can be connected. Very rarely you do see vertical writing with disconnected letters in the Arab World. But this is an exception, for example on the rare billboard/shop sign. Generally, if you really wish to have a vertical tattoo in Arabic, why not turn the whole writing counter-clockwise 45°? This way the letters will all be connected and the script is still nice and cursive.

How To Tell If Your Arabic Tattoo Is Correct?

Here are four articles to start you off:

Embarrassing Arabic Tattoo Mistakes

The Arabic Script

The Arabic Alphabet

Arabic Alphabet Method

118 thoughts on “Arabic Tattoos – Pick ‘n’ Mix

  1. Thank you so much for your translation 🙂 Im going tomorrow to have one 😀
    Thanks again, Joanne

  2. Glad you like the designs Joanne. Please let me know of the results once you’ve had the tattoo done.

  3. hey arabic genie 🙂
    im having a tattoo this saturday.. its for my grandad which passed away couple months back i hope you can help me mate.

    i would like, Neville Williams ( my grandads name )

    thanks for your time 🙂

  4. hello, im a native arabic speaker and im just replying to correct a tiny little thing; the word Faith is only translated to إيمان = Iman.. in all dialects!
    امان means security or safety….

  5. hey can u translate this for me please?——-> i got the most dangerous weapon any time i trod, the love in my heart and the words of God… thanks

  6. Hey, my name is Lina and I really want to get tattoo in Arabic. I was wandering if you could translate for me the phrase The world is mine and I am different because I am unique
    Thank you sooo much

  7. WOW THIS IS GREAT…I am actually wanting to put a tattoo on my wrist. The phrase in english is “Be and It is”-in arabic it is “Kun Fayakun” however I am looking for a certain type of font in arabic. It looks like the last fonts that you have in most of the examples. In particular it’s the kufi font. Is there any way you can send this to me as fast as possible…I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE THIS!

  8. keefakkk
    my name is maggie (ghaleb)
    just want to make sure of something…
    getting my 3th arabic tattoo! (proud to be libanease!)
    its the word believe (faith) in the way, i believe i will get trough this, or i believe things will get better ….. NOT in the way: I don’t believe you OR I believe (In God)…even though I do (lol!)
    my dad wrote it to mee…but can’t get a confident confirmation from anyone..
    thank YOU so much! LOVE YOUR SITE! Just discovered it tonight!

  9. thank youuuu so much Max!!!
    your reply is perfect!!! I’m gonna show it to baba tomorrow, and will decide what suits me better!!
    I’m soo happy that i found thiss site!! really! would reccommend it to everybody!!
    also, thank you for responding soo fast!! beyond my expectations!
    with all my heart

  10. hi there
    I love ur blog its the first to offer information as well as translations
    I would love an arabic tattoo with “My father’s Son” and “Be True To Thine Self” or “There will be an Answer, Let It Be”


  11. Amer, you’re right: القدر is probably the closest one can get to “karma” in Arabic. However, I believe that it doesn’t capture all of the meaning of the concept. That’s why, e.g. in English and German too there is no real equivalent and “karma” is used without translation. For me القدر has a certain sense of inevitability to it, that’s not attached to the word karma.

  12. Hi Arabic Genie 🙂
    I really want to get tatoo in arabic but i need help. So i was wandering if u could help me to translate: LIVE WITH NO REGRETS (to get my firs tatoo this friday)
    TY so much from Elizabeth

  13. Hello, I emailed you on this matter and wanted to leave a comment aswell. i want to get the phrase “embrace this moment” as a tattoo, and like most, am afraid of the translation being incorrect, i keep getting: احتضان هذه اللحظة

    Please let me know if this reads correctly, as i am getting it done on Saturday.

    Also, are you able to translate Hindi, if so, that would also be a great help! Im debating between the two scripts.

  14. Hi!!!!!!! I am from Chile and I want to have my first arabic tattoo. I want to have my name in arabic but I don’t know the translation. Could you transalate my name please? I want to have: BARBARA PAZ or just BARBARA. Thank you very much, I would really appreciate it. I will be waiting!!!

  15. Could you translate “true strength lies in forgiveness”…i can’t find anyone else who would be able to translate it and i’ve looked everywhere! Thank you soooo much!

  16. arabicgenie
    i was wondering if you could help me as you seem to know alot about arabic translation
    i was wanting a tattoo saying ” our day will come” but i would like it going vertical like david beckhams on hise side
    لدينا اليوم سيأتي! that is what i have came up with and would like a 2nd opinion but that is horizontal and i would like it vertical please ??
    thank you so much

  17. Craig, what I can tell you is that the translation you provided doesn’t sound right to me. I would rather go with this:


    سيأتي يومنا


    Let me know if you require a custom tattoo design made from this.

  18. Hi!!!!!!! I am from Chile and I want to have my first arabic tattoo. I want to have my name in arabic but I don’t know the translation. Could you transalate my name please? I want to have: BARBARA PAZ or just BARBARA. Thank you very much, I would really appreciate it. I will be waiting!!!

  19. hé arabic genie,
    I’m from holland and i would like to know how to write my name “esmay” in arabic and you know why , we don’t want any mistakes on our body 🙂 greetings

  20. Hello,

    I was wondering if you could tell me how to write “destiny” in arabic, and well as my name “Farah”.

    Thank you!

  21. Guys, does it means anything ? I was trying to translate: God takes care of me.

    الله يعتني بي

  22. Hey i will be getting a tattoo soon and i was wondering if uCould you please show me how to write ” the good life” or “the sweet life”

  23. hi there please could you help me translate my grandads name Adam Costello which is also my sons name, i want to get a tattoo of it for my grandad who recently lost his battle against cancer and want it to honour him as he had a major impact in my life and i miss him so much. could you translate them separately please, any help will be great thanks.

  24. Hi could I ask for you help please?
    I am wanting to know if these 2 quotes are translatable into arabic…or if there is any quote that capture this concept?
    “I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you.”
    “Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.”

    Thank you

  25. hey iv been looking every where for the word “infinity and beyond” or just “infinity” or “beyond” writen in Arabic. please can you help me out, all i no is how to pronounce it, lenihayah and damon if im not mistaken, thanx so much! mell

  26. hii i was wonderin if u cud do the phrase,”my eyes are the window too my soul”.

  27. Hi, I have a verse in new testament from Roman 5:3-5:4 which goes like this,

    وليس ذلك فقط بل نفتخر ايضا في الضيقات عالمين ان الضيق ينشئ صبرا
    والصبر تزكية والتزكية رجاء

    And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; (5:3)
    and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; (5:4)

    I want to add “with love” before the first verse and add “believe” after the second verse. Can someone please help me out? My email is ArabicGenie: I deleted your e-mail address to protect you from spam.

    Thank you very much in advance, much appreciated.

  28. What would a tattoo in arabic look like, saying Faith, Strength and courage?

  29. how would you write my name, YESENIA…i got this but i dont know if thats correct? انتم سينا

  30. Hi my sister and i were looking into getting Arabic tattoos and we were wondering how you would you would right “Peace, Love, and Harmony”. Cant wait to hear back, thanks so much!


  31. Hi Morgan! I can certainly translate this phrase and create tattoo designs for you. Please go here and select “3 words” from the dropdown menu.

  32. Hi
    I just noticed this webpage and its great 😀

    I’m looking for a tattoo with basically the word strength (biblical reference you are my strength). Been contemplating this tattoo for a year. I’d like it quite small as its going on my wrist. Could you translate the word strength or Rock for me?

    Really appreciate it

  33. Hello, ArabicGenie

    I am getting my favourite word tattooed in arabic. The word is “Remember”, i have asked a couple of people and apparently the correct translation would be تذكر, however, i don’t seem to be able to get it in different fonts… any ideas?


  34. Hello,

    My name is Nikki and I am Lebanese. I would like an Arabic tattoo. المشي في الإيمان Walk in faith, or Walk by faith not by sight سيرا على الأقدام عن طريق الايمان ليس عن طريق البصر
    I am just wondering if this is the correct translation?


  35. Hii..

    how would u say name Snezana ? in English that name means Snowwhite… lol…


  36. Can you to Please translate this for me please. i would really appreciate it.

    “In God i Trust” can you also translate it in Persian? Also the word “God” will it be translated to Allah? can it just be the word God?

  37. Hi Delilah!
    In Arabic “allah” refers to the monotheistic God (with a capital “g”) of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, so “allah” is indeed the correct translation for “God” in this context. I can certainly create Arabic and Persian tattoo designs for you based on this quote. Please refer to my custom tattoo design service. Thanks.

  38. Heyy. .. I been wanting to get a tattoo in arabic I just think its beautiful. I was wondering can you translat my sons name Jaden. Thank you.

  39. Hey! I really want to get an arabic tattoo.. And is there anyway you could translate, ‘the world is your oyster’ for me please. 🙂

  40. hi! i’m looking to get a tattoo in arabic but would like it vertical. any chance you could translate HAPPINESS ISN’T EASY. Many thanks

  41. Доброго времени суток!
    Могли бы написать как на арабском будет выглядеть знак задиака “телец”?!
    В различных шрифтах если не сложно…
    Заранее спасибо!

  42. Hi Dimitri!

    Unfortunately I don’t speak any Russian. However, as I understand you would like to get Arabic tattoo designs for the star sign Taurus. You’ll be pleased to know that there are six different Arabic tattoo designs for Taurus in the Arabic Tattoos eBook.

  43. Зачем мне целая книга из за одного знака к тому же и на английском, которого я не знаю!!!!!! =)
    Помоги ну тебе ведь не сложно….!!!

  44. I want to know the correct translation on courage, is it correct like this شجاعة ??? thankyou

  45. hi Max. I really appreciate what you do for all of us and I hope if we could translate my name in Arabic because I think given tatto. my name is Almin, or never give up, if u can translate in the quickest time and send me the mail. Thank you very much Max.

  46. Hi,

    I’ve been looking at gettin a tattoo in arabic for a while but don’t want it to go wrong. I want it to be vertical though as I want it down my side. There are 3 different 1’s that I like. Can u possibly show me them vertically please if possible.

    The different ideas i’ve got our:

    1. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
    2. Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.
    3. Vinny

    Thanks 🙂

  47. Hi,

    I have been looking at getting a tattoo in arabic, but I dont want any spelling mistakes in it.

    I was hoping you could translate for me and show me with different fonts
    The phrase I want is;

    “Live your life with no regrets”


  48. i want an arabic tattoo but i want it going down my spine i have the quote i want but im just wondering how i will get it horizontal and if it will mean the same thing as i want it to,

  49. hi i am told that my name, Shahira, means “renowned” in arabic. i would like a vertical tattoo with it so please tell me how to write it vertically thanks 🙂 so far ive been told this is it in arabic: شھیره

  50. queria saber como escrever meu nome RUAN e também LIBRA signo.. obrigado!

  51. hi name is GHALEB I was thinking of getting my name tattooed could you send me a picture what it would look like

  52. Arabic Genie, I bought your online book Arabic Tattoos, and I was so happy to see one of the translations I was looking for, love yourself. I am realizing that the translation I was getting on Google Translator only accounts for something being said to a man. Could you tell me what “know yourself” would look like if it were being said to a woman? I can’t find an online dictionary that will show the difference in the verb. Thank you for your time!

  53. Hey! I was wondering how you would write ‘To Infinity’ in Arabic? This is for tattoo as well..
    Thanks!! 🙂

  54. Hi! can you translate for me this english phrase to arabic: “I shall fear no man but God” thank you so much for the BIG help!

  55. Hey! Can you please transfer “no regrets” in Arabic for me? This is for a tattoo as well. Thanks so much 🙂

  56. Hello, im wondering if you could help me.
    Im looking to get an arabic tattoo down the back of my neck, as I love the wiring and language. Would you be able to translate for me “Follow your dreams” and “Live, Laugh, Love, Faith” I really appreciate your help thank you so much =)

  57. hi, I wondering if you could help me, I’m planning on getting a tattoo and wanted to know if you could translate my name, Najah, into Arabic and also the word music. I’d really appreciate the favor. Thanks 🙂

  58. Hi, I think maybe you can help me. I would like a Arabic tattoo of the word; Soulmate.
    Thank you if you can help.
    Greets Karin

  59. Hi, can anyone write me arabic words for strenght, destiny and faith? Thanks 🙂

  60. bonjour sa sere pour savoir si je pouvais écrire le nom de ma fille le long de ma colonne vertéblale horizontalement en arabe et sa me coutere combien et ces pour savoir si sa ferais mal car j’ai tre peur merci d’avance

  61. I’m looking for an arabic tattoo. I want the name of my 2 sons: Sofia and Rodrigo. Can anyone help me how to translate them to arabic properly?

  62. Asalamualikum can any body plz give me the degine of tattoo
    Allah is the power
    And my name Tusshar in arabic.


  63. Hi there. I have been trying so hard to get a translation of this quote I want for a tattoo. It is important that it is a correct translation I don’t trust google translate.
    The quote is:
    be at peace, not in pieces
    Is there somebody out there who can please help me?

  64. Hi could you traslated for me (Live Love Laugh) but I want the traslated in vertical, because I want my tattoo in vertical thank you so much…..

  65. Arabic Genie, I want a tattoo that says ‘live without fear, die without regrets’ I want to make sure it is worded correctly to mean the same thing in the Arabic language: Basically that if you live your life without fear, you will die without regrets. Please help and THANK YOU…. Or “Shookran’ (spelled as sounded lol) 🙂

  66. Hi i’m getting a tattoo this saturday and I am wanting “Love yourself first” in arabic. Could you please translate this for me as I am unsure the one I have is correct.

  67. I’m dying to get a tattoo and would like something in arabic like my name is majid, but i wanted to have my tatto with written of ” AL-Majid ” can u help me to find out how its look in arabic written, and i need your sugestion about which part on my body to put that name as a tatto…

    thankyou 🙂

  68. Is there a way to say “inner peace” in arabic? If so, can you please translate for me? Thanks!

  69. Hi. Can I ask for an arabic translation for “I am who I am” and “Who am I”.. thanks so much.

  70. Hi how does live yourself furst going down your hip look like? Im getting a tattooo this wkend and want to make sure its correct thank u!

  71. I want to get a vertical tattoo of love laugh live in Arabic but I don’t want to mess it up can u help me?

  72. Hi I am really wanting ” absence makes the heart grow fonder” in arabic? Please could you help me as its aomething that is special to me and I really want to get it right please????

  73. Hi im alfred i want to know the translation of my girlfriends name because Im wanting to have a tattoo with her name. Her name is “Lourelyn” can you help me please???

  74. Hi I have been looking for quite a while now for a website that could translate my daughter’s name, Lily Jaya, into Arabic and vertically but to no avail. Upon searching the net this evening I came across your blog and was hoping you may be able to assist me in this matter.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheryl x

  75. Hi! I just want to translate my name: Farah also my middlename: Siabala, I know both are arabic or not? Please help me!! I want them in a tatto 🙁


  76. hey! congratulations, your blog is awesome.. I’m trying to get a new tattoo.. I’m trying to get translated the last part of my fave poem, Invictus. I have many translations but I don’t trust my sources as to get it forever haha,

    It would mean a lot to me if you could help me,

    “It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll.
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.”

    Thank you.

  77. Aloha,
    I’m so glad to come across your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills, and talent.

    I want to get a tattoo down along my spine that says ” harvest patience” in Arabic script. Would you be able translate these two words for me? And my name “Teresa?” Would you also show it in different style and fonts?


  78. good afternoon
    My name is Driele and would like to tattoo the name of my father and my brother in Arabic, khallil abou saleh ghaleb abou saleh, you can send me the names in Arabic please!
    My email:
    thank you

  79. i would like to get this phrase translated properly. please specify which part is which.

    ” Two souls… One single Thought ”

    i would really appreciate it. thanks

  80. Hello, I am hoping to get a tattoo for my decreased grandparents and would like “nan and grandad in Arabic” would you be able to correctly translate it for me, many thanks 🙂

  81. “Nan and grandad” in Arabic may I correct myself, thank you 🙂

  82. Hey,

    I want to get a tattoo in Arabic but I want to make sure it’s right. How do you say “To infinity” as in “To infinity and beyond”? My brother is getting “and beyond” so all I need is “to infinity.”

  83. Olá, primeira vez aqui e estou gostando muito do teu blog, eu gostaria de pedir a tua ajuda para traduzir as palavras : “Soul Mates”, eu e o meu namorado que está vindo da Itália quer fazer essa tattoo comigo, obrigada desde já !

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