Alphabet Videos

These Arabic alphabet videos can help you with the pronunciation of the letters. They can also help you learn the order of the letters as they would be found in a dictionary. Make sure to check out the Letters App too and my painless method for learning to read and write the language.

Alphabet Video #1

The following video contains clear pronunciations for all the 28 letters in the alphabet. (Note that the letter zaay is referred to as zaa. This is an acceptable alternative name for that letter.)

Alphabet Video #2

Another video with all the letters pronounced in a clear manner.

Pronunciation Video With Illustrations For Tongue Position

This video illustrates the approximate position your tongue needs to be in to pronounce certain letters. If you have difficulties with producing certain sounds, then you should take a look at the illustrations. Note, however, that this is only an approximation and not very scientific.

Alphabet Song

This is a nice song of the alphabet in the form of a nasheed. It has a very soothing rhythm and lends itself to memorizing the relative position of each letterin relation to its neighbours.

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