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Arabic Words

Arabic words can be extremely hard to memorize, especially when relying on hours of painful rote memorization.

That’s why I looked at ways to make learning Arabic vocab easier. And what could be easier than already knowing the words you are supposed to study? Well that’s exactly what this free Arabic words report is about.

It contains 200 Arabic words that you already know from English. Words such as "cave", "telephone", and "mechanic", or in Arabic "kahf", "talifoon" and "meekaaneeki". The best thing about this report is that it is completely free and available for instant download.

You don’t need to know the Arabic script – everything is transliterated with English letters.

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The contents of the free Arabic words report:

The 200 Arabic words are organized into 13 chapters, each dealing with a different area. The areas are:

  • Food and Drinks
  • Animals
  • Religion
  • Electronics and Technology
  • Measurements
  • Politics and Society
  • Clothing
  • Academic
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • Nature
  • Transport and Travel
  • Materials and Industry
  • Miscellaneous

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