Reader Request For Arabic Tattoos: Happiness and Scorpio

Today a reader sent me a request for two specific translations of English words into Arabic:

Hi Max!

I am writing you from Hungary, I have seen your e-mail adress in your webpage. I have a problem, exactly that I want an arabic tattoo, but I am a bit unknown in this language, I hope you can help me. I would like to know how to write “happiness” and the horoscope “scorpion” in the arabic language.

I am very grateful, if you help me!

I’m happy to oblige.


The first request is for the astrological sign “Scorpio”. In Arabic this would be برج العقرب (pronounced burj al-3aqrab), literally “sign (of) the scorpion”. However, for the purpose of a tattoo it would probably be better to abbreviate this simply to العقرب (al-3aqrab), or “the scorpion”. In case your PC doesn’t display the letters properly here’s a picture of the word using three different fonts.

The Zodiac sign "Scorpio" in Arabic

The Zodiac sign "Scorpio" in Arabic


As for the second request, “happiness”, I would translate it as السعادة (pronounced assa3aada). This literally means “the happiness”. The article “the” is used, because in Arabic a statement such as “Happiness is important” would be translated as “THE Happiness is important”. Below you can see the word written in three different fonts.

"Happiness" in Arabic

"Happiness" in Arabic

You might want to try out a few different Arabic fonts to see which one you like. There are a lot of free fonts at Or perhaps you could ask an Arab calligrapher to make a special calligraphy for you using the word you have in mind?

I hope this helps. But you might also consider:

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23 thoughts on “Reader Request For Arabic Tattoos: Happiness and Scorpio

  1. can you please translate aries and “everything happens for a reason” thanks

  2. patience: صبر

    aries: الحمل

    everything happens for a reason: كل شيء يحدث لسبب

  3. would you be able to translate the phrase “what lies before us and what lies behind us are nothing compared to what lies within us” and also “always with me” .. 🙂

  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me, I wanted to get the proverb (which i’m lead to believe is arabic) “throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it” as a tattoo. I wanted to get it in arabic text though and was wondering if anyone could translate it properly for me?

  5. what is the reason to use the shorter version of the word tattoo Scorpio?

  6. hi! i really want a tattoo in arabic alphabet. can you translate the name REA. thanks in advance 🙂

  7. hi there was wondering if you could possibly translate ‘knowledge’.. i know there is Ilm? but is the ilm translation of knowledge the same symbol for general knowledge

  8. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    كيف حالكم يا انجليز ، أنني فخور بموضوع هذا ، ولاكن الوشم محرم في دين الاسلام ، واللغة العربية هي اصعب لغة وأجمل لغة
    وتقبلو تحياتي

  9. Hi there, can you translate the word “destiny” in Arabic writing? Thanks

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I got the scorpio tattoo behind my neck. I love it! <3

  11. Hi! Can you please translate the word virgo in arabic pls… im going to have a tattoo tomorrow. Please…

  12. Hello, I’m getting a tattoo done in two weeks. I was hoping you could translate a picture that I have received and am unable to understand it. Please let me know what email I can send this picture to so I can have it translated. Thank you

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