Arabic Tattoos – Another Reader Request: never give up, unbreakable, strength and courage

Today I received another request for a translation of a few English phrases into Arabic for the purpose of an Arabic tattoo:

Hi Max,

I have been reading your blog from australia and its fantastic, i really enjoy it. I noticed that you did a translation for one of your readers. I was wondering whether you could do the same for me. I would really love to learn Arabic but am a bit flat out right now, but its something i would love to learn one day. I have been through a rough time lately and i want to get a tattoo (in my favourite language Arabic) to symbolise this.

The words i would love you to translate are;

From strength comes courage
Never give up
My family, my heart, whom I love and cherish, I will protect forever

I hope thats not too much to ask


Unfortunately I’m rather busy currently, so I can only translate a selection this time. Hope you understand Millie.

Never give up

There are a few ways of saying this. I’ll try to make the nuances as clear as possible.

1. لا تستسلم (pronounced la tastaslim)

Literally, this translates as “no (you-)surrender”, i.e. “don’t surrender”. Coincidentally, the verb استسلم(istaslama) has the same root as the word Islam.

Here is the Arabic phrase in three different fonts:

"Don't surrender" in Arabic

"Don't surrender" in Arabic

2. لا تستسلم أبداً (pronounced la tastaslim ’abadan)

This is essentially the same version as in (1), with the addition of the word أبدا (abadan) which means “never”. So this would translate as “never surrender”.

3. لا تتخلى عن حلمك (pronounced la tatakhalla 3an Hilmik; the “3” sounds like a high-pitched version of the English <a> sound, but from the back of the throat; the “H” is similar to our <h> sound, but with more air and also further back from the throat; the “kh” is the sound in the English “loch” or in the German “ch” in “Sprache”)

This literally means “no (you-)give up on dream(-your)”, i.e. “don’t give up on your dream” or “don’t abandon your dream”.

Below is this sentence formatted in three different fonts and saved as a picture in case your PC mixes up the Arabic letters:

"Don't abandon your dream" in Arabic

"Don't abandon your dream" in Arabic

4. لا تيأس (pronounced la taya’as)

Literally, “no (you-)despair, or, more elegantly, “don’t despair”.

"Don't despair" in Arabic

"Don't despair" in Arabic

5. لا تيأس أبداً (pronounced la taya’as)

The same as in (4), but with the addition of the word word أبدا (abadan) which means “never”. So this would translate as “never despair”.


In Arabic this concept cannot be captured in one word. The best approximation would be لا ينكسر (la yankasir), which literally translates as “no (it-)break”, or “it doesn’t break”.

It would certainly look odd to just have لا ينكسر (la yankasir) on its own as a tattoo, since everyone would ask themselves just what doesn’t break. So you’d have to think of a slightly longer phrase. For example, الحب الصادق لا ينكسر (al-Hubb aS-Saadiq la yankasir), which would be translated as “true love doesn’t break” or “true love is unbreakable”.

"True love is unbreakable" in Arabic

"True love is unbreakable" in Arabic

Strength And Courage

Strength: قوة (qoowa). This can refer to both physical strength and mental strength (e.g. قوة الارادة [quuwat ul-iraada] means “will power”).

Courage: شجاعة (shajaa3a).

If the two words are chosen as a tattoo it would be best to precede them with the article ال (al), so that would result in القوة (al-quuwa) and الشجاعة (ash-shajaa3a).

"Courage" in Arabic

"Courage" in Arabic

"Strength" in Arabic

"Strength" in Arabic

I hope this helps you Millie!

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  1. Wow thank you so much, it looks just great.
    Hope to keep in contact as i start my lessons!!

    Thanks again

  2. hello, you wouldnt happen to know what ‘lion hearted girl’ would look like in arabic? thank you!

  3. Hey, I work like to know what is BLessed in Arabic? could you please let me kno?


  4. hey my name is safiya .. i was hoping i can find someone who can help me translate, “love is my life”, ” live for love” . I’d really appriciate it.
    Thank you so much

  5. hi I am Liz I would really like translating if you would be so kind , determination and strength ( i have that from above actually so just determination , thanks Liz

  6. From reading up above I got what unbreakable is in arabic but I was wondering if it changes at all if I want the tattoo to read “I am Unbreakable”? I would appreciate any help thank you in advance.


  7. hellloo – could you translate “love the life in which you live” in arabic for me please. thanks.

  8. I would like to get my 4 childrens names on my forearm but am afraid of non-trustworthy sites to translate. Their names are Dylan, Devon, Lexi, and Taeler. Any chance you could help? Thanks a million! i just think the Arabic font is beautiful!

  9. Hi my name is Ambreen and I really would appreciate it if you could translate the following words into arabic for me…I really would like to get them tattooed but am afraid of getting the wrong translation. Thankyou kindly in advance.

  10. Hi Ambreen! Here is my translation of the words “live, love, laugh”. Note that this translation is only applicable for women, as the imperative is directed at someone female. In Arabic verbs change according to the gender. There are three different fonts to choose from:

    Live Love Laugh

    عيشي أحبّي اضحكي is pronounced ‘aeeshi aHibbi iDHaki


  11. Hi ArabicGenie,
    my name is Benny, i’m from Indonesia, but I’m non Muslim..but i’m interested in doing tattoo in Arabic words, could u please help me write ‘ i love my family’ in arabic… thanks a lot Genie…

  12. best of luck in seem like a sweet person as u take the time and effort to have phrases translated accurately and free!..keep good..i’ll let u know when i need your help 🙂

  13. hey genie, gr8 work. was wondering if you could help me. my husband and i are getting tattoos of each other name. His name is zainul and as a tribute to his ancestry i would like to get it in arabic, i would also like to have “eternal love” underneath his name. Could you please possibly help me? Thnx!!!

  14. hi. a great site by the way. i would like to get a tattoo saying ‘inshallah’. although you would think it would be easy to find this, it’s proving quite difficult. any chance that you could help out please?! many thanks……

  15. Hi my name is Rachel, i really want and aribic tattoo and would be very grateful if you could translate ” determination strength and creativity” I have been searching everywhere but i am scared i may get the wrong translation!

  16. Hi ArabicGenie,firstly I would like to say I have been looking through all of your pages, I think it is so fantastic of you to be spending your time translating and helping everyone. I can see this must keep you busy, if you have time please could you translate something for me? I would like the words RIDE OR DIE. Hope this message finds you well. Thank you for your time

  17. Hi,
    I wanted to get the words ‘strong will’ or ‘firm will tattooed, but I was wondering whether there was another translation other than Al Azeema, as I don’t want to have the same tattoo as Angelina Jolie

    Thank you so much!

  18. hi,could you translate the word protect in arabic for me?id love to get a tattoo on the back of my neck…thanks cecily

  19. hi im helal i wanted 2 get a tattoo saying (forgive me mum) could you please translate in arabic writing for me ?

  20. Hi I just wanted to know to know how you would put Insha’Allah I’ve seen many different ways and I want to see how you would show it before I get some other style tattooed. Thanks

  21. “God willing” or inshallah in Arabic is:
    إن شاء الله
    (in shaa’ allaah)
    There are 4 different designs for this phrase in the Arabic Tattoos ebook on p.36.

  22. Mate this website is awesome. Could you please translate or find an equal meaning of the phrase “virtue never dies” please

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  24. Hi, my name is Tammy, please help me!
    I´d like to know how should i say “Change is the only constant in life”, or just “change”
    How about “strength and honor”?
    And “live long and prosper” ?

  25. Hi I’m trying to get an Arabic tattoo but want to get the correct translation and word for it. How do you translate ” In God I Trust ” I also want my last name in Arabic ” Sevilla” I would appreciate if you help me on this….also not sure if it make a difference in translation if i’m a female.

    Thank you,

  26. Hi

    Can you pleas let me know how you would write ‘Love is my weakness’ In Arabic for a tattoo. It’s so hard to find his alphabet.

    Thank you

  27. I would like to have a wedding ring designed saying “My Love”.
    How would you spell that? Thank you

  28. hi i have been muslim for 3 years but i dont speak arabic or write could i get some words in arabic writing for my friend??

    Live, Love Laugh

  29. Leanne, I assume that you are looking for the feminine version? In Arabic the verbs change according to whether they are directed at someone male or female. I have already translated the female version here. If you want the designs in higher qaulity, then I recommend that you take a look at my Arabic Tattoos eBook. It contains 3 high resolution designs for the male and female versions each.

  30. ok… maybe you can help me how would it be for ” forever love” i would like it get this as a tattop please help me.. thanx

  31. hello, i really want to to get a tatto in Arabic, and i honestly do not want something spelled wrong on my body FOREVER. i’d love to be help , and have
    ” There is a light that never goes out”

    – translated in a Arabic ; pleaseee ?, i’ll appreciate it with all my heart :o.

  32. Hello what is angel in arabic i want is as a tattoo. Also could you please write Donald in arabic as this is another tattoo i want.


  33. Hello, my name is Nichole and I am considering a tattoo to honor my son. I am looking for something about motherhood to place horizontal on my lower stomach. I would rather find a meaningful statement/symbol instead of just his name. Do you mind also translating his name “Brayden”. Your time is appreciated.

  34. Hi.. Can you please translate the word “beautiful” for me in arabic? I would appreciate it so much!!! Thank you

  35. Hello, would you be so kind and translate for me the word ” princess” to arabic, I want to have it as a tattoo design. Thank you so much! Greetings from Slovakia!

  36. hey max love your blog…could you please translate for me the followings:
    ex oriente lux…( from the east, the light)
    and the calligraphy for the names nalan & sinan…( maybe in diwanii?)
    thanks a lot and hope to hear from you more about the arabic world…
    selam nalan

  37. what about “mom is always in my heart” i really want to put that as a tatoo on my rib part side..please help me i dont wanna have a tatoo that aint good..thanks…looking forward for your replies…=)

  38. Hi DF! I have replied to you via e-mail with a quote for the translation and design.

  39. Hi, i would love if you could translate “wake your dreams” into Arabic for me.
    also curious if Arabic writing can go down as opposed to across.?

  40. What about “blessed”??? My email is ArabicGenie: E-mail removed to protect you from spam.

    If you could send it to me by tomorrow I’d so appreciate it. I’ve been trying to find ANYONE to help me with this. It is for a tattoo

  41. So if english spanish and french are related… what is arab related to? I believe name is spanish. (My stepfather named me Adriana and its variation is Adreanna) Does its origin affect its translation or the way its written? My grandparents were middle eastern but I’m not quite sure the exact place they were from, but I’ve been told I look arab. I very much agree! In my hometown, everyone looks at me with a high brow when I tell them my name. I’ve always felt like my name doesn’t match me, but I love it. Arabic is so elegant and id like to get my name tattoed as my first and only tattoo, would you please help me out with that? Thank you, have a great day everyone.

  42. I noticed that Victoria Beckham’s tattoo is down the back of her neck. Is that “proper” to do? I want a tattoo on the back of my neck like that but I do not want to offend anyone. Is this ok?

  43. Tammy, I seem to recall that Victoria Beckham’s neck tattoo is actually in Hebrew. As regards offending anyone with an Arabic tattoo, I believe that as long as the tattoo itself is not offensive or consists of quotes from the Quran, there shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, I have never heard of an Arabic tattoo causing any offense. If you want me to translate and design an Arabic tattoo, then please check out my custom tattoo design service.

  44. Hi… Could someone write to me in arabian “God give me streght” thank you

  45. Hey there,
    would you mind translating Love and Courage (separately) for me. I’m designing my tattoo and i want to use these words in Arabic but I’m not sure what form is correct. Thank you so much

  46. Hi Vanessa,

    There are six designs for love and four designs for courage in my Arabic Tattoos eBook. You can find out more here.

  47. hey how would you write “emotionless” in arabic. i plan on getting this as a tattoo =) && thanks

  48. Hello, maybe it’s possible to translate you this sentence : brave spirit, never give up
    thank yo uvery much

  49. hey max …
    pls find above my request on april 25,
    hope to hear from you.
    many thanks in advance & best regards

  50. i want an arabic tattoo, and I want the word:FREEDOM, can somebody help me how is that in arabic write?

  51. Can you tell me how to write “Fool for Love” in arabic for a tattoo? I’m specificially looking for a Saudi translation if possible? Thanks!

  52. @Kristen: I can certainly create Arabic tattoo designs for this phrase. However, all translations are done in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and I’m not too familiar with the details of the various Saudi dialects. Most Arabic tattoos are in MSA in any case and rarely do I see ones written in dialects (the exception being the occasional one in Lebanese or Egyptian).

  53. Hi there,
    Is the above translation “True love is unbreakable” Masculin or feminin? Me and my girlfriend would like matching tattoos, and reading through your blog i noticed you said something about phrases and words being different depending on the sex of the person.
    Much appreciated in advance, Mike

  54. Hi Mike! Your right to be cautious about translations. In this case, “true love is unbreakable” is gender neutral, so it can be used by both men and women.

  55. Thanks very much for that! Im booking it this weekend. if any of my friends want a arabic tattoo i will recomend them to you. Regards mike

  56. hiya, i think its amazing what you do, was wondering if u could help me transulate my daughters name.i have been searching for weeks! and can not find a perfect match,or trust it is the right transulation. i am getting a tatto tomrow and wanted my daughters name, TAHIRAH and PRINCESS. please,please help me! you are my last hope.. thank you! xx

  57. hey,
    i really don’t know why i don’t get any answer from you…
    i think i have some connection problems and you don’t see my requests?
    anyway hope to get contact to you somehow…
    best regards

  58. hey! i wish i would have found this site a long time ago! anyway – i have a couple request. My name is arabic – SAADIA – i wanted an arab tattoo with my name – but i have like five different ways, and i will never know which one is true, i guess one is Moroccan – i dont know. Anyway, hoping you can help me translate the following – im a girl by the way!

    Saadia (thats my name)
    Live Laugh Love (I scrolled up, think i saw it)
    Desire Strength Success Respect

    Please let me know when you could do this! thanks so much

  59. Live Laugh Love يعيش الحب الضحك
    Desire Strength Success Respect احترام رغبة القوة والنجاح
    Saadia سعدية

    this is what a google translator gives me which is different from what ive seen – thought i should mention it

  60. Hello, maybe it’s possible to translate my name: elvedin or never give up….

    thank you

  61. Hi there, i’ll be very glad if you translate me the phrase “Only God can judge me!” in arabic! Thanks 🙂 !

  62. your site is cool! .. but im having some difficulties looking for the words “love” (for guys) and “trust” .. im planning to have it tattooed on my arm. could you help me with this?

  63. How do you say true love never dies in arabic? Can you please send me an image of how it would look

  64. i also wanted the tattoo “never give up”, and im really nervous about getting a tattoo and it turning out to mean something completely different. i know very little arabic, and im in america right now, and im going back to egypt soon and wanted to get this tattoo before i head back, and i want to make sure its correct. but what is the difference between
    تتخلى أبدا and لا تستسلم أبداً. i know the second one means never surrender. but im not really sure what the first one means.

  65. Hi Blake!

    The first phrase تتخلى أبدا is not really to be recommended as the verb تخلى generally requires an object. That’s why I recommended the phrase لا تتخلى عن حلمك , or “never give up on your dream”. The verb implies giving up something or abandoning something. If you want the closest translation to “never give up”, I would go with لا تستسلم أبداً , “never surrender”. Let me know if you want a custom tattoo design of this phrase.

  66. hI GENIE Can you please translate Ayana 7Ibs 7 26/10/10 (15.48)Thank you in advance my brothers first daughter was born yesterday and i am so excited and having her name tattoed whoop whoop i am an aunty

  67. Genie! i need your help! i want to get a tattoo in arabic meaning ‘forever and a day’ as thats me and my wife’s saying. As in we love each other forever and will never be apart. if you could translate into arabic it would mean the world to me! Thankyou so much:)

  68. hey .. I really need help, I have a tattoo session after 2 weeks .. and I lost my writing in arabic that my friend made 🙁
    I was wondering if you could translate it for me again?
    ” The best thing god has created is a new day”
    I love your site, and if I could I would buy your book !

  69. الحب الحقيقي لا يدوم إلى الأبد how do i pronounce that in arabic english

  70. Hi!! i was wondering can you translate saying for me? …Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve

  71. Hi! I know you’ve already posted the translation of ”the determination”, and there’s 3 styles, I wanna know if they’re all the same or if there’s one that is more correct than the others. I hope you understand what I mean!

  72. Hi Genie.. just reading through the posts, it seems as if you know what you’re doing. I’m struggling to find the correct arabic translation for “Never back down” and “No excuses”. I would really appreciate the help.

  73. Hi. My husband is wanting to get mine and our childrens names tattooed on his arms, but I’ve searched for what feels like forever with no luck…could you please help??!!! The names are as follows… Rachel. Richard. Stefan. Louis. Emily. We would really apprciate your help, as he doesn’t want the incorrect spelling, as ‘forever’ is a long time!!! Many thanks

  74. hi Max, I have been reading your blog from the united states and i think the arabic language is gorgeous and i would love a tattoo of my favorite quote in it. The reason i am writing to you is because my best friend speaks arabic and he doesnt know if the phrase will b correct. I noticed that you did a translation for one of your readers. I was wondering whether you could do the same for me. The quote is…

    learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow!

    Thank you so much in advance! I am very excited to hear back from you!

  75. Hi there,
    I’m researching arabic lettering for a tattoo.
    I would like the phrase “let your conscience be your guide” in arabic down my spine.
    Can you please translate this and also let me know, how i would need to alter it to ensure it read properly, running vertically down my back?

  76. Hi Genie Im looking to finish up a tattoo that I have on my forearm of a diamond and I was looking to to get either no break or unbreakable strength to go underneath could you help me out at all


  78. Hi, how do you write “your will be done” in arabic? i got this phrase from the lord’s prayer..

  79. Please Genie ,how can I translate the sentence: blessed by God.
    Thank you so mutch!!!

  80. Ciao!!!  I am thinking of getting the bible quote  “faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” tattoo but I will love to get it in Arabic characters!!! Also the name ” Cairo” ( just like the capital of Egypt)…..thank you…

  81. Hi, I’ve been searching for a long time how to spell some of these quotes. I will be very thankful if you translate in arabic the sentence “Never back down and be unbreakable”. Thanks a lot!

  82. Hi my name is briana and I wanted to know how to spel Fawzi omar in arabic? Its my uncle and he passed away and I want to gf et his name in arabic

  83. i just got my “strenght” tattoo this week!! and im loving it !!!!!! thanks for this blog!

  84. Hi my name is belle and I am about to get a tattoo next week 🙂 Can you please translate
    that which doesnt kill me makes me stronger

  85. Hii 🙂 ill be getting my tattoo in 2 week can you please translate (Protect me from what I want) and (time will tell)

  86. Hi I have been wanting to get this saying tattooed for ages but I don’t trust the translations I have been given.
    فشل أبدا! دائما درسا
    Does the above translate to ” Never a failure, Always a lesson” ? if not please could you help me to translate it to the correct translation please 🙂

  87. hi max. just wondering if you can help confrim which one is the correct translation for “all we have is now” كل ما لدينا الآن and وكل ما يجري الآن . thank you!

  88. please, someone help me … i need the word ” happiness” in arabic … thanks in advance ( :

  89. Hi! I am getting a tattoo in a few days, and I have been wanting to get a tattoo that says “Strength of will”. I have came across many different translations, and I just wanted to ask you which one of them is right? Please help! Thank you.

    قوة الإرادة
    قوة الإرادة

    You see how some of the letters are switched?
    Which one is correct?

    Thanks again.

  90. Hi Max I want to get some arabic script on my inner upper arm to go with a guardian angel tattoo on my outer upper arm. I want it to say “to love and protect.” Thanks Max, Kevin.

  91. Hi! Since unbreakable cannot be translated. I want to get unbreakable tattoo but maybe something to say I am unbreakable..something along those lines? Thanks!

  92. Hello, i am Ricardo, i just love your work here.
    would you give me the arabic script for ” what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger “, thanks for everything

  93. hello !! .. im really interested in a arabic tattoo ” beauty “..i have really been interested for a while now & iam acturally arabic ijust dont know how to write & speak it… but please let me know how to spell ” beauty ” in the arabic symobls in the 3 different fonts if you can please ..thank you 🙂 ..

  94. Hey guys im Arab…. if you want any help >>>> im here 🙂
    But may you learn me English too !!!

    E-mail address removed for security reasons [ArabicGenie]

  95. Beauty = الجَمال

    E-mail address removed for security reasons [ArabicGenie]

  96. what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger = الشَيء الّذي لا يَقتُلني يَجعلُني أقوى

    Good luck

    E-mail address removed for security reasons [ArabicGenie]

  97. I am unbreakable = أنا لا أُكسَر or لا يُمكِنُكَ كَسرِي or لَن أنكَسر

    chose wat u want!

  98. to love and protect = لِتحبّ ولتحمي or للحُب والحِماية or لأُحب وأحمي

    the pest one سأُحبك وأحميك

    Good luck

  99. If the Arabic letters doesn’t appear in your machine >>> say to me and i’ll try to upload it to you as an image ! so you can see it

  100. قوة الإرادة
    قوة الإرادة

    Both of them are 100% right
    it can be written in a different way like

    this قُوّة الإرادَة
    or this قـــــوة الإراده
    or this too قــــــــ الإرادَة ـــــــوة this is the best for me 🙂

  101. Beauty of the soul = جَمَال الّرُوحْ or جَمـــــــَـــــــــ الّرُوحْ ــــــــــــــــال

  102. Hi!help me, please!
    “I’m happy”, “live love be happy”, “Aigerim- happy soul”

  103. I’m happy = أَنا سَـعِـيدْ or أنــَـــــ سَـعِـيدْ ــــــا
    live love be happy = عِـشْ وَ أحِـبْ وكُنْ سَعيداً

    Aigerim is just a name !!! so i just wrote it in Arabic letters !
    Aigerim- happy soul = آيغِريمْ – الرُوحُ الْسَعـِيـدَة

  104. Only god can judge me = الله فقطْ يَسْتَطِيعُ أَنْ يُحَاكِمَني or لا أحَدْ يُحاكِمُني إلّا الله


  105. is it possible to design the true love does not break with back vines incorporated in it?

  106. Hi Monique, what exactly do you mean by back vines? You could of course, combine the Arabic writing with any pictorial designs you might like.

  107. Hello Max,

    First of all I wanted to say that it’s amazing that, when you want to sell a book, you still give people answers to theis questions and help them!

    My question is, if you want to translate the sentance: live life, love life.
    Thank you so much

  108. Can you please show me how to write and say “never give up” in arabic for a girl? I would really appreciate it. Getting a tattoo and I want it to be correct. Thank you so much!

  109. Hello everyone,

    Does someone know how you write : ‘Never a failure, always a lesson’ in Arabic?

  110. hi ,

    could you please translate the following phrase in arabic for me- ” That which does not kill me only makes me stronger”

    I will be soo grateful

  111. i was wondering if you could translate “julie” and “bambi” for me seperately in all styles?? thank you

  112. can you pls. translate MAMCY LOVES PAPCY in arabic in big bold writing…thank you very much….

  113. Bonjour, comment écrire “Grasiela” c’est le prénom de ma mère mais je ne trouve pas de traduction en Arabe…

  114. hi i was wondering how can we translate the phrase :everything happens for a reason..i want it on side tattoo thanksss

  115. please, how to write in Arabic the words FAITH and HOPE? this translation is correct? الإيمان والأمل

  116. @ Flavia:
    Faith and Hope (as a noun) : الايمان و الامل
    Faith and Hope (as person name) : ايمان و أمل

    i will love him forever : ساحبه للأبد
    I will love her forever : ساحبها للابد

  117. Hello,

    I am searching for a translation of a quote:
    turn your face to the sun then the shadows will fall behind you

    I would be soooo happy if you could translate it in Arabic for my tattoo:)
    Thank you!

  118. hi can u translate never a failure always a lesson for me in arabic please! with cool arabic fonts thaks!!

  119. Hello can you please write in arabic: happiness comes to those who have trust in it

  120. Hi, can you please translate “nomad” or “traveler” or “peregrine”
    Thank you very much

  121. Hi, can you please translate ” what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” Thank you very much

  122. Hello can you translate Heart, Strength, and Courage please. Without the “and”. I would want a tattoo like this in Arabic:


  123. hello, would you be able to translate ‘live without fear’ in arabic in the different styles/fonts please?

  124. Hei 🙂

    i’m from Slovenia,can you translate me ” everything happens for a reasion” in the different styles/fonts, Please 🙂

  125. Can you please help translate “with pain, comes strength” in Arabic for me please!

  126. Hey I wanted to know if you can please email me the “forever in my heart” in Arabic and the pronunciation. Thankss

  127. Hello, sorry can i ask you a translation about this phrase ‘determination, grim and sacrifice in the life as in the volleyball’? Please is very importante… Thank you

  128. “Coincidentally, the verb استسلم(istaslama) has the same root as the word Islam.” you say.
    I needed to say that in fact it is not a coincidence, because Islam means submission to the will of God and obedience to His law.

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