My Name In Arabic: Lily

Update: Check out my new article on Arabic name translations.

Today I received a request for an Arabic tattoo via email from Lizzie:

Hello there

I was on your website and was wondering if you could possibly translate something for me.

I’d like the name ‘Lily’ in Arabic as a tattoo, and was hoping you could help! I’ve looked on plenty of translation websites and the translation which keeps appearing is زنبق but it would be great if you could verify this for me. I know that Arabic is read and written from right to left so I’m not sure if the above translation reads the right way?


The Arabic translation of the English word “lily” (referring to the flower) is indeed زنبق (pronounced zambaq). However, this is a translation of the word, not a transcription of the name. Generally, when rendering English names into Arabic, one doesn’t go for the meaning of the name, but for the sound of it. So here is how I would transcribe the name “Lily” into Arabic: ليلي . Unfortunately this is also a proper word in Arabic, meaning “in the evening, or nightly”. Additionally, it looks like a misspelling of the Arabic name “Layla” (ليلى).

So the result of this transcription of the name into Arabic is not really ideal. Personally, I’d rethink about getting this name in Arabic as a tattoo.

Nevertheless, here is the name “Lily” in Arabic in four different fonts:

The Name "Lily" In Arabic

The Name "Lily" In Arabic

In case you would prefer to have the meaning translated and would like to stick with the Arabic word for the flower lily, here it is:

The Arabic Word For The Flower Lily

The Arabic Word For The Flower Lily

Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help this time…

10 thoughts on “My Name In Arabic: Lily

  1. Hey! I really think you guys or you are doing such a great work!

    But could you help me with my name on arabic. I “translated” my name on another site and “my” arabic name allegedly ديلارا , could you help me, pleeease?!
    It would be really great if you help me.

    And PS: my name is Dilara. LOL

  2. Hi Dilara,

    as far as I can tell this translation is correct and it’s how I would have translated it. I did a little google search on “ديلارا” and apparently it’s of Persian/Turkish origin and means “lover”.

    Hope that helps.

    All the best,

  3. Wow! Thank you so much! You answered pretty fast, I didn’t expect.
    I really enjoy your blogs. And thank you so much for all these translations. Actually
    I want to have a henna tattoo, just to try it.

    Thank you very much indeed,

  4. Hi…

    Ik weet niet ofdat het mogelijk is dat u mij kan helpen…
    Zit namelijk al een poosje na te denken over een tatoo, maar ik vind de nederlandse taal zo voor de hand liggend.
    Dus ik vroeg me af; hoe de A word geschreven in het arabisch
    En hoe mijn hele naam word geschreven (als dat uberhaupt mogelijk is). Angeliek

    Hopelijk kunt u mij daar mee helpen?

    Vriendelijke groet, Angeliek.

  5. Hi could you give me the translation for my daughters name Lilly and my name Natalie. Would like to have those done as tattoo’s.thank you

  6. Hi I would like the translation of Liam 8/6/1982 in arabic,its for a friend of mine and it would mean so much to him. Thank you

  7. hi, I was wondering If you could translate the two names of my kids for an arm tattoo I’ve got planned.. I’ve got some translations already but yours seem very trust worthy..

    Christopher and
    Kari Nami

    thanks a lot

  8. Hi I want to know who to write hi my name is lily but I don’t know how to can you help me pls

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