Guardian Angel – Arabic Tattoo

Vanessa asks for the following Arabic tattoo design:


Sure I can. My first intuition was to translate it as “ملك حارس” (malak Haaris). However, it seems that the alternative spelling “ملاك حارس” (malaak Haaris) is more common. This is partly due to the fact that this latter translation is also the title of a popular song by Ihaab Tawfeeq. While both spellings would be correct, I neverthless prefer the second one, due to its wider popularity.

Arabic Tattoo Design “Guardian Angel”

Below is the Arabic for “guardian angel” in five different fonts. Pick the one you like.

Arabic Tattoo: Guardian Angel

Arabic Tattoo: Guardian Angel

Hope you like the Arabic tattoo designs!

23 thoughts on “Guardian Angel – Arabic Tattoo

  1. Just one more thing! I want tattoed on a vertical way, can you show me wich letter comes first?

  2. @Vanessa
    I’m glad you like the design.

    Personally I wouldn’t go for an Arabic tattoo that is written from top to bottom, because all the connections between the letters are lost.

    See for yourself: “ملاك حارس” becomes:

    In my opinion, one of the reasons why the Arabic script is so beautiful is the fact that most Arabic letters are connected to the adjoining letters in a word. If you take the letters vertically, then this feature will be lost.

  3. Hi i’m from peru but my mother is lebanesse and my last name is seif, i search it and this is what i get: Seif, Sayf – Sword (of religion) can you tell me if it’s right and if it is, can you translate it for me, i would really like to tattoo my last name. thak you so much, you’ve an amazing blog.

    btw sorry for my english i speak spanish



  5. Hi There could you please give me the translation of Beautiful in arabic please, its for a tattoo and its really special to me..That would be great thankyou

  6. Hi, my name is Amer and I’m arabian (Arabic) originally so Arabic is my mother tongue language.

    I think it’s better to write guardian angel like this (الملاك الحارس) because it gives a better and strong meaning than (ملاك حارس),it’s just an opinion and the both are right but in Arabic it’s not common to be used like that for a title or a tattoo like this case.

    I’m happy to see many foreign people interesting in Arabic and thank you Max for your site and you effort to learn Arabic to foreign people.

    I’m ready If there’s anything I can help you with.

    Sorry for my weak English.

    Salam (means Peace)

    ArabicGenie: I removed your e-mail address from this comment. Otherwise you might receive a lot of spam e-mails in the future.

  7. Ahlan wa sahlan ya Amer!

    Thanks for your input on this. Your English is just fine, so don’t worry about it! I agree that more often than not putting the article “al” in front of an Arabic word is preferrable when we refer to it as a general concept. For example, الحبّ (al-Hubb) instead of just حبّ (Hubb). In the case of “guardian angel” الملاك الحارس (al-malaak al-Haaris) would be a viable alternative to my original translation. ملاكي الحارس (malaaki al-Haaris) could be another option and would translate as “my guardian angel”. As frequently with translation, there are many good alternatives.

    Please take a look around on my blog and leave more comments if you find anything interesting.

    مع تحياتي

  8. Yes I think ملاكي الحارس is a better alternative but it depends on meaning, who is the guardian angel? 🙂

    Can we chat on Live Messenger?

  9. Hi Amer. I would like to do i tattoo but need help with the translation if u can please help me my mail is removed thanks

    ArabicGenie: I removed your e-mail address from this comment. Otherwise you might receive a lot of spam e-mails in the future.

  10. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could translate the name “Charlie” for me, as this is a person and an experience I hold very close to my heart,,

    Thank you x

  11. I just wanted to thank you for this site! I am getting my tattoo in two weeks, and I feel like I can really trust this site, I am nervous that it wont be the exact translation and I will offend someone with an arabic background! I really wanted to get the last design of ‘Guardian Angel’, I just wanted to thank you. Which one do you think would be more correct to get? The first design or the last one? Im stumped! Let me know:)

  12. hi! i was having a hard time translating this for my tatoo design its supposed to be “my guardian angel is mom and on the bottom ofthat is her bday-deathday”can you please translate that..pleaase.. cuz i really wanna have that design as for my moms…

  13. Can some one please make me a design for a tattoo iam tring to get a tatto that spell my mother but in arabic (OMY) be creative thanks

  14. Hi Max!!

    At first i wanna congrats u for your great sites and blog…i think u have done an amazing job and it’s a great help and pleasure for us all to get some acknowledgement about arabic culture and language through your site.

    I would like to ask you a favour, i’m interested about the Guardian Angel tattoo…could u maybe send me as an email…if it only goes the both ones(my guardian angel and guardian angel) i will then decide which one of them do i like the most…;)!!

    Also i would like to get an translation for the Latin words ‘Nescit Cedere’…Have you maybe idea if it’s known in arabic…

    I thank you already from the bottom of my heart for your help!!:)

    Wish you all the best and a great success in everything you do…

  15. Thank you so much for the translation of “my guardian angel”. I lost my grandmother a few months ago & i wanted to get a tattoo in memory of her. She lived in Kuwait with my family for many years & taught us some arabic when she returned to Ireland.

    Salam Alaykum

  16. Hello, could you please translate me this is arabic:
    May Allah protect me and my family… ???

  17. Hello, could you help me plz? I was thinking about make a tattoo with the quote ”never a failure, always a lesson” could you tell me the translation in arabic plz?
    Thanks! I’m realy loving this site.

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