Have Strength And Live This Life Tattoo Design

Danielle, a reader of this blog, asks for the following Arabic tattoo translation:

Hi Max,
i’m hopeing you can translate the following:
“have strength and live this life”
this would be mental strength, and to live… have experiances rather than to just exist.
I really do hope you can help me and I thank you in advance for you time.
kind regards

I’m happy to oblige. I give my translation and the reasoning behind it below. Let’s start with the first part:

Have Strength

The phrase “have strength” is best translated as كن قوياً (pronounced kun qawweeyan), which literally means “be strong”. The word قوي (strong) can refer to both physical and mental strength.

However, in Arabic the verb and the adjective both change according to whether the imperative (be sstrong!) is addressed to a man or a woman. Since you are a woman (judging from your name) I assume you would want to address yourself. So here is the same phrase “be strong” addressed to a woman:

كوني قويةً (kooni qawweeyatan)

Live This Life

The phrase “live this life” would look a little akward in Arabic, so I took the liberty to translate “live your life” instead. This would be عش حياتك (pronounced 3ish Hayaatak). Again, since we are addressing a woman, this would change to عيشي حياتك (pronounced 3eeshi Hayaatak).

Both Parts Together

So the whole sentence “be strong and live your life” would be

كن قوياً وعش حياتك (kun qawweeyan wa 3ish Hayaatak), when addressing a man


كوني قويةً وعيشي حياتك (kooni qawweeyatan wa 3eeshi Hayaatak), when addressing a woman.

Male Or Female?

Generally speaking, the male form is used if the sentence is meant to be a general saying or phrase, not addressed in particular to a man or a woman. The female form is used when the sentence is addressed specifically to a woman. In your case I would think that the female form is preferable, as you are addressing the sentence to yourself (a woman).

That’s why I produced the final Arabic tattoo design using the female form. Below is the Arabic tattoo design in five different fonts:

Arabic Tattoo: Be Strong And Live Your Life

Arabic Tattoo: Be Strong And Live Your Life (addressed to a woman)

By the way, the two lines (//) above the last letter of the second word from the right are not really necessary and if you prefer you can remove them if you think the tattoo would look better without them. They merely indicate that the word takes the accusative case, but it’s not really required to indicate this in writing…

Let me know what you think of the design. I hope you like it.

If you want to delve deeper into the Arabic language I suggest learning the Arabic script yourself. You might want to try out my easy method for learning the Arabic writing system here.

80 thoughts on “Have Strength And Live This Life Tattoo Design

  1. I’m glad I found your blog. I get a lot of people on my blog asking me to translate words and phrases for tattoos. I think I’ll start sending them to you.

  2. Thanks Snarla! I’m glad you like my blog. Feel welcome to send as many as you want 🙂

  3. Hi 🙂

    I’m dying to get a tattoo and would like something in arabic as i love the beauty of the script…I’ve been looking for someone to translate ‘inner strength’ or a nearest possible translation and I wondered if you may be able to help me as you seem to know what your talking about?! Could you also please translate my name and my star sign, Libra, please? 😀 Im a bit paranoid of ending up with something incorrect and can’t decide which one to go with!

    Thank you so much! 😀


  4. Im in the same situation as joanne, i would really love to get a tattoo in arabic but im afraid of getting something incorrect permanently inked onto my body. i was hoping you could translate “family” and “beautiful life” for me. thanks so much!

  5. Hi there,

    I hope you are able to help, Would it be at all possible to get a translation of my daughters name I to Arabic, it is to put on her wall in her room.
    I know it originates fro Arabic and it means midnight, such a beautiful name!


    I hope you can, thank you for your time and help.

    Kind regards


  6. hello my name is ashraf and i would really appriaciate it if you can help me translate my name in arabic..thank you so much and may allah bless you:)

  7. oh and also “aquarius” if you dont mind translating it in arabic i would really appriaciate that a lot…

  8. “Ashraf” written in Arabic script is:

    The star sign “aquarius” is:

    Note that this can also mean “the bucket” or “the container” in Arabic.

    I have six different designs for “aquarius” in my Arabic Tattoos eBook.

  9. Hello There ArabicGenie

    I already have one arabic tattoo saying “beloved family of mine” going down my back of the neck and I was wondering would you do my name please in arabic? I love the arabic calligraphy it’s just soo beautiful and my name is Rachael.

  10. Hi there i was wondering if you could do a translation for me , i want to get a tattoo and would love to get it in arabic i love the arabic font its so beautiful, was wondering if you could translate ” FAITH HOPE LOVE ” in arabic pretty please

  11. Hi Qivi!

    I already did a full translation of the quote from the Bible (“Faith, Hope, Love”) here. If you scroll down to the comments section on that page you will also find just the three words “Faith, Hope, and Love”. Enjoy!

  12. hello my name is linda and i would really appriaciate it if you can help me translate the Words “LOVE”, “Destiny” and “Constancy” in arabic. Thank you very much!

  13. Hi, I want to get a tattoo saying love life, live life in arabic i was wondering if you could translate this for me. Thanks

  14. You seem to be very helpful with translations. I’m looking to get a tattoo of “Live Like Your Dying?” If you can translate this, it would be of great help. Thanks

  15. id like forever soulmate down my side but im sure im not coming across the right writing could you help me please.


  17. Not sure if you can help me with this one BUT can you write “live your life with love and strength”. Would love it translated horizontally as I would like this as a tattoo going downwards. Thank you kindly. Cath

  18. Hey Arabic Genie

    I already have a tattoo of an Arabian horse cus they are the most stunning horses I have ever seen and I would like to finish it of with ” Horses are gods gift to man ” Could you translate that for me or the closest form and recommend any sites you know of about Arabians.

    Thanks a Mill Adam

  19. Hello, Max 🙂 i like “have-strength-and-live-this-life” how do you write it to a male in arabic?

    Best wishes Rolf Henning

  20. Hey max! i am looking at getting a tattoo this weekend and really want something in arabic.. Can you show me how to write “pursuit of happiness” to a male? Thanks!!


  21. i love this blog. thanks for sharing. will be back soon again for sure.
    i am going to make a tattoo and would love your help if its ok.

  22. can help me with the names paulina and fedra. please, iam a americanguy but my grandfather comes to libano and i want to back to my roots, thanks

  23. Hi there, could you advise what Mrs Vitalis and Vitalis would be in Arabic?? Kind regards, Dee.

  24. Hi! im so glad to find this blog. I have been looking for a tattoo design and your Arabic Tattoo Designs are amazing.. I love it! I would really appreciate your help translating my husband’s name in Arabic. His name is Art. Thanks and hope you could help me.

    By the way, can i find your book at any book store in the US?

    Best regards,
    ~z a i d i a~

  25. Wow, I love your translation of “Be strong and live your life”. The five fonts you have posted are great. I am just wondering how those would look like if you don’t write them from the left to the right but from the top to the bottom. I would be so happy if you could help me. Thank you already

  26. Marion, Arabic is very rarely written vertically. This is because most letters within a word are connected: when written vertically, the letters would lose their connections. The only real alternative is to simply rotate the Arabic writing by 90° counter-clockwise. This way the letters are still connected and the writing starts at the top and ends at the bottom.

  27. Hello, i was wondering if you could please translate Live Strong, Be Free into arabic for me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  28. I would like to know how are written the following words:
    “be strong”, ” be free” and “determination”(separetly)
    Thank you

  29. Hi
    Would you please be able to translate “when its dark enough, you can see the stars”?
    i would really appreciate your help?
    Many thanks

  30. Good day,
    I was hoping you can translate the word “Believe” into Arabic for me.
    Just as a verb, it isn’t in context with anything.
    Thank you very much!

  31. hi! my name is LILAC am goin to have tatoo this month..i wnt my name translate in arabic.. cn u help me.. i hve my translation already but i dnt know if its the correct translation of my name..thankyou so much!

  32. soon il purchased a copy of ur book max..i hve some arabic dictionaries with me because i just finish collge and i decided to study arabic beacause i am islam..wen i was a kid my grandfather sent me in arabic school but im not that interested..but now i realy wnt to learn…tnx!

  33. Hi Lilac!


    is the word used in Arabic to refer to the colour “lilac”. So it’s a translation of the meaning of your name, though not the sound of your name.

  34. hi your really amazing! i so need your help..i wanted to get a tatoo since i was able to appreciate art..iam really God fearing and i wanted to have my name tattoed along side with the phrase ” I faithfully remain” and My name is Marie Jerramy Brillante” Thank you so much…

  35. Salam,

    i am so thankful that i’ve finally found your blog.

    Since a long time i would like to to a arabic tattoo….but since now i didn’t find the correct translation. I would love to have the sentence “LOVE IS LIFE” in meaning of NO LOVE, NO LIFE!

    Really hope you could help me with it!

    Thank you

  36. Hello!
    Like the rest of the people above, I am very glad that I’ve finally found this site.
    So, I too have a thing or two to ask:
    1. the best written solution for the “phoenix” ( the immortal fire bird)
    2. “you are your own limit” (in meaning, your abilities(both physical and mental) limit you)

    I hope I will get some reply from you soon!
    All the best and thank you!

  37. hi,
    pls. translate “LIBERTY” to arabic, im planning to have it tattooed on my shoulder this month.
    thank you

  38. Hello??? I want to get a tattoo in arabic but I want to make sure if the letters I am going to put in my body will say the exact thing I want ! Can anyone hepl me out with this?
    I want to know how do you write “Smile, it makes people wonder what you’re thinking.”
    Thank you!!! 🙂

  39. Hi,
    I am going through some major trauma in my life at the moment, and I would like to have a tattoo along the side of my foot, in beautiful arabic script. I would like to say “my strength will bring me peace”. Could you possibly translate this for me?
    Thank you 🙂

  40. Hi Max,
    I noticed that the women version of the arabic text has one character more than the male version. Between the first and the third (read from right to left) there is the character ني does not seem to exist in the male version.
    Since I am male and I would really like this text as a tattoo, can you confirm that the ‘missing’ character is not an error?
    Thanks in advance for answering this question!

  41. Hi Kent, which of the translations are you refering to? As I explained in the blog post, male and female versions differ, because Arabic is a gendered language. And yes, the translations in my blog post are accurate.

  42. hey max can you translate … find your freedom in the music on female please

  43. hey there! could you translate “no weapons formed against me shall prosper” for a female…ive been searching all over the place for someone to translate that..Thanks in advance!!!

  44. Hi can you translate – LouLou for me if that is possible please? – It is a nickname as my middle name is louise.
    Kins Regards


  45. Hi, are you also able to do words in the round (pearl/ drop shape) text?
    A bit the way the Emirates logo isn’t in a line, but an actual logo??? I think it is written clock-wise??
    I was originally looking for the word strength in this fashion, but I also liked your phrase above ‘live your life’ as well.
    Thanks, Vicki

  46. Hi, I was wondering if you could translate a phrase for a tatto I’m getting and it’s ” Only God Can Judge Me”.
    Thanks for your time.


  47. Hi max
    i was hoping you could translate a phrase for me that iv been wanting to have tattooed for ages!! Finally found your blog and it seems its not running anymore 🙁 !! please email me back an let me no.
    thank you

  48. Hi Max, Hi Max,
    i’m hopeing you can translate the following words in arabic:,, family- a bond that can never be broken”
    I really do hope you can help me and I thank you in advance for you time.
    kind regard and thank you very very much for your amswer.

  49. HEY GENIE,
    Can you please translate the word “Beautiful” for a female in arabic writing for me I was searching everywhere but could not find it.

  50. Hey I really really really need the arabic translation for

    “Hold on, be strong” as I want this tattooed.

    Please answer 🙂

  51. Hi,

    My brother recently passed away and Live Life Stay Strong quote translated into arabic would be greatly appreciated thanks.

  52. hi! i really need someone who can do arabic translation for

    “just keep on going” as I want this tattooed.

    Please answer! thanks! 🙂

  53. hi,

    I need the translation in arabic of the phrase” what doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger”

    as i really wana geta tattoo made of teh saem, please help me..plsss

  54. Hi could you Translate this for me into english? وأعتقد أن كل شيء يحدث لسبب ما، وأحيانا أشياء جيدة ينهار بحيث أشياء أفضل يمكن أن تقع معا
    Its supposed to be a saying but I don’t think its correct. I really want to get a tattoo in arabic but so worried about getting it right!! Please help me, thank you.

  55. Hi Max,
    I love this tattoo…could you do it in Persian? I’m part Persian and I really want this tattoo!

  56. I am looking forward to getting an arabic tattoo soon. I was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of this particular tattoo. I really like this one but i really dont want to get it unless i know what it means.

  57. I really want to translate ” live beautifully love completley” in arabic. As the script is beautiful. If you could help me with that I would greatly appreciate it as I want it as a tattoo and need it to be correct.

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