Arabic Writing

Arabic Writing

Writing in Arabic is something that many beginning Arabic learners are afraid of. Many simply don’t know how to begin learning the Arabic alphabet and writing system. In this article I give you some tips on how best to approach Arabic writing and how to master it.

1. Start by learning the individual letters of the Arabic alphabet. The Arabic script might seem difficult at first, but with the right method it can be learned easily. You can read more about a successful Arabic alphabet learning technique here.

2. Proceeed to reading individual words and writing these words yourself. After a few times try to write these words from memory.

3. Start looking at whole sentences of Arabic writing and copy the text. You should get a native Arabic speaker to pronounce the sentnece for you. Or, alternatively, you can start by copying sentences that have short vowels written out.

4. Finally, take a few short articles written in Arabic and copy them out word for word. Make sure that you know how to pronounce each individual word. So it’s best to have a recording by by a native speaker of the article you are copying.

Remember that Arabic writing takes some getting used to, but with consistency you’ll master it eventually. Also, remember to make learning Arabic writing a fun activity to do. Your brain just doesn’t learn well when it’s bored…

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