Love Hate Calligraphy

Through Tarek Atrissi’s excellent blog I cam accross this piece of Arabic calligraphy here that says “love hate” in Arabic:

Love Hate Calligraphy

Love Hate Calligraphy

The design is written with ornamental decorations. What some might disregard as doodles underneath the writings actually consists of a repetition of exactly the same two words – “love hate”.

I really like this calligraphy and it inspired me to attempt my own design of the “love hate” dichotomy in Arabic. The result is this:

Love-Hate Arabic Calligraphy Design

Love-Hate Arabic Calligraphy Design

The word for “hate” – الكراهية – is flipped horizontally to indicate that it’s the flip-side of love – الحب. The two words “cross swords” by crossing letters: the raa’ of الكراهية and the laam of الحب, indicating the intertwined nature of the two emotions.

9 thoughts on “Love Hate Calligraphy

  1. I love this. One quick question, do these words have a signigicant color that come along with them? I would greatly appriciate it if you could give me this information =]

  2. i am going to get this tattoo on my 18 birthday, i am completely inspired by the design, do i have to order this tattoo online here so i can show the guy how i want it done ?

  3. Very impressive use of the ruq’a script in the second photo. Is there a reason the photo has been inverted?

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  4. where can i buy a more detailed picture of the original tattoo on top of page?Yours is also wonderful,but the first one would make a better band.thank you

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