Heart Of The Ocean – Arabic Calligraphy

Apparently, the “Heart of the Ocean” is a fictional blue diamond used in the film Titanic (though I must confess I have never seen the movie). One of my readers requested a design for this name, so I made one right here:

Arabic Calligraphy for "Heart of the Ocean"

In plain text: قلب المحيط (qalb al-muHeeT).

"Heart Of The Ocean" in Arabic - plain text

7 thoughts on “Heart Of The Ocean – Arabic Calligraphy

  1. Thank-you for doing my tattoo design.
    I’ve got one problem though.. as I want ‘Heart of the Ocean in plain text- would you be able to design it in normal text and enlarge like the big image design.. as when I zoom in on the plain text beneath it goes blurry
    Much appreciated.

  2. Hi Arabic Genie! I found your blog by chance and was impressed. You’re so kind helping people to translate in arabic.
    I plan to have my arabic tattoo ” nameless sorrow”. Would you mind translate it for me? Thank you!

  3. Hi.. can anyone help me with this text in arabic letters for my tattoo?
    “Darling, did i ever told you that i love you? No, never. But I do. And for how long? For ever and ever”

  4. hi ,,i found ur blog an awsome plce to slove my prob..i wana get a tatoo done “rajdip” so can u plz translate it in arabic ..it must b a geuine translation ..n give me few designs ..i ll b grateful to u..

  5. I loved your ‘heart of the ocean’ tattoo design in the larger more decorative plain text .
    I was hoping to get a tattoo – in arabic – Son of God
    love’s pure light
    Might you be able to help me please?
    Thank you!

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