10 thoughts on “New Life – Arabic Calligraphy

  1. Hi. I was thinking about getting a tattoo in Arabic for my birthday. Which is today. And I was thinking about getting “hope forever” or “courage” or “strength”. I was wondering if you could please translate these for me because I’ve been stressing to find a good translated. Your help would be much appreciated. Thankyou !

  2. Happy Birthday Robyn! You can find “strength” and “courage” here. If you need more designs and in higher resolution then you might want to consider buying my Arabic Tattoos eBook. It also includes designs for “hope”. Let me know what you think..

  3. I was just reading this and I was wondering if you could translate ‘forever’ for me. The Arabic script is just beautiful and I would love to get a tattoo. Thankyou so much.

  4. Hi Max,
    what is the name for the calligraphy for new life no. 5?
    BTW how do you write nalan & sinan?

  5. hi,
    could you please tell me what the calligraphy for new life:5 is called?
    and please let me know if every arabian can figure it out?

  6. Hi Nalan, not sure what you mean. Are you referring to the type of Arabic script used? This type of Arabic script is called “Diwani”. As to the meaning, it’s the same as the other calligraphies. The little “squiggles” around the two words are just for decoration. And yes, in fact all the calligraphies shown in this blog entry are easily discernable for any Arabic speaker.

  7. great to hear from you…thanks for the explanations…
    and yes, i was in fact asking for the name “diwani”…
    many thanks & best regards

  8. Hello,
    I wanted to know if you could PLEASE help me im lookin to get my first tattoo and i wanted to get the accurate arabic calligraphy for ”never a failure, always a lesson”

  9. Hello, it’s a beautiful piece, I would like to ask two quisteons:1. As I undesrtood, the word freedom has been written 159 times inside the biggest design, but I want to know whats the meaning od this biggest, it also means freedom? Why is so different from the others?2. Are you selling impressions or photos os this?? If so, how much does it cost and which are the payment methods??

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