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A few months ago I published an article about the Arabic chat alphabet. If you are new to the concept of the Arabic chat alphabet, please read that article first. Today I want to continue this topic by providing two example sentences written in Arabic English and showing how they can be converted into more readily understandable Arabic script.

Note that the following sentences have been caught “in the wild” and they do not all conform to grammatical and orthographical standards.

Example: a conversation between friends

A: wlah emta 5atbti? wlah ma 7d 5abrni 2lf mabruk ya 7lwe!
B: katrin 7bebty alah ebarek fiki 3orsi fi 21-5 anshlh

Now for the “translation” or transliteration into Arabic script:

A: ولله امت خطبت؟ ولله ما احد خبرني. ألف مبروك يا حلوة
A: By god when did you get engaged? No one tolde me. Congratulations honey!

B: كترين حبيبتي الله يبارك فيك. عرسي في 5 21 إن شاء الله
B: Katrin darling, thank you for your wishes. My wedding is on the 21st of May God willing.

As you can see it’s really not that difficult to understand the Arabic chat alphabet once you get the hang of the numbers representing certain letters. Of course, often it might take you some time to decode the message if it’s written in a dicalect you are not familiar with.

12 thoughts on “Arabic Chat Example

  1. i love arabic i just want to learn it all im nt an arab bt i wish 1day i could speak arabic like arabs 🙂

  2. what does this mean : – 3ala 3l fadi
    khasran makel khara

    -Ma3ak ur fone?

    -yes akeed

    thanks so much for answer 🙂

  3. 3ala 3l fadi = Whatever its nothing.
    khasran makel khara = I cant speek like someone who ate some shit !
    -Ma3ak ur fone? = Do you have a phone ?
    -yes akeed = Yes of course !

    I’m Arab so its 100% true
    Good luck

  4. What’s the meaning of
    1. Ya 7emarah ya lo’3jah ya 5urfah
    2. 3atef3al li 8alb xD shoof bas
    3. msh 9a7 3eeb ?

    Sorry there’s quite a few sentence up there but ill really appreciate if somebody can translate it 🙂

  5. Hi there, could you please help me to interpret these 3 meanings, am new in arabic

    3anjad 3ayb hal 7ake
    7saibak 3ande


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