3 thoughts on “Sanaa, Yemen 2005

  1. Helloo, how are you? I´m from Argentina. I don´t speak english veeery well, I want to know if you could help me with a phrase that i want for a tattoo. This is LIVE THE MOMENT (the instant) i want to traduce it to arabic language, here is the translation that i found, and i don´t know which is the correct form….. ويعيش الوقت الحالي

    أغنم زمانك

    عيش اللحظة

    Could you help me please?? Thankss very much! Excuse my bad englishh!!

  2. 3ayche alhayat laysa kafi inaho zamanon akhar yajibo 3ala mar2 an yastahyi mina lahh basiron bima taf3alon walah 3alamo alghoyoub wahowa ghaforon rahim walakin la tansaw chadido al 3i9ab

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