Arabic Tattoo: Faith, Hope, Love

Note: if you are looking for love in Arabic please click here.

Today I received the following email from Paige, a reader of this blog:

Hey! I’ve been searching all over the web for a translation. I want to get “faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is love” tattooed on my hip. I tried looking for some translations but I can’t find any.

Well, I’m not too well versed in the Bible, but when I read the phrase I knew it was from Corinthians. So, I thought that the best translation and the most authentic would be the one found in the Arabic version of the Bible. Luckily, there is an Arabic translation of the Bible (not surprising given the fact that one of the oldest Christian sects are the Egyptian Copts) and I found the verse in question straight away.

So here is the translation for “Faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is love”:

الإيمان والرجاء والمحبة، هذه الثلاثة ولكن أعظمهن المحبة

And as pictures:

 in Arabic

Arabic Tattoo Design For "Faith, Hope, Love, But The Greatest Of These Is Love" VERSION 1

Arabic Tattoo Design For "Faith, Hope, Love, But The Greatest Of These Is Love." Version 2

Arabic Tattoo Design For "Faith, Hope, Love, But The Greatest Of These Is Love." Version 2

As you can see there are two different versions, each version has the same phrase written in five different fonts. The versions differ insofar as in the first version all the short vowels and other harakaat are indicated. These are the little signs above and underneath the letters that are absent in the second version (the sign that looks like a small “w” for instance indicates that the letter underneath is to be doubly pronounced). In Arabic these short vowels are usually not written. Yet, in the context of religious documents such as the Koran or the Bible, they are written to ensure that everyone can pronounce all the words correctly.

Now, it is your choice if you would like to have the tattoo made from version 1 (with short vowels and harakaat) or from version 2 (without short vowels).

Each version has the same phrase written in five different fonts. The fonts are:

1 Traditional Arabic

2 Simplified Arabic

3 Andalus

4 Lateef

5 Farsi Simple Bold

As far as getting the actual tattoo done, I would suggest to find a tattooist familiar with the Arabic alphabet if at all possible. You don’t want to have the tattoo messed up by someone who doesn’t understand how the Arabic script works.

For more Arabic tattoo designs see my new digital book that contains more than 1400 sizzling hot tattoo designs from 284 Arabic phrases and words.

Good luck with the tattoo and do send me a picture if and when you get it done! 😉

116 thoughts on “Arabic Tattoo: Faith, Hope, Love

  1. Salam,
    Thanks for this wonderful blog.
    Do you reckon the right adjectival form would be أعظمهم instead of أعظمهن since amongst the three compared nouns (الإيمان والرجاء والمحبة ), two are masculine?

  2. @Abd El Ghani AZZI: Welcome to the blog and thanks for bringing this up.

    Speaking from the strictly grammatical point of view of Modern Standard Arabic, it should actually be أعظمها, since we are talking about abstract nouns and not about persons. However, the translation I provided is the one I found in the Arabic version of the Bible (e.g. here.)
    As far as I can tell the translation on that web page is the Van Dyck translation, which I gather is the most popular translation around (and used by the Copts amongst others). In a more recent (but it seems not as popular) translation entitled “كتاب الحياة” the verse in question is indeed translated as:
    الإيمان والرجاء والمحبة. ولكن أعظمها هي المحبة
    (see here)
    However, a quick google search seems to suggest that the Van Dyck translation of this verse enjoys greater popularity. On balance, then, I would stick with this translation.

  3. Thank you sooo much! I wanted to stop by and tell you I really appreciate it. I went to the tattoo parlor earlier today (as soon as I got your email, actually) and met an artist from Lebanon who said he would be able to do the calligraphy. I am very excited. If all goes well, I will go and get it done Friday. I will let you know how it goes!

  4. Paige,
    Did you end up getting the tattoo? I have also been wanting to get somewhat the same kind of tattoo and I’ve been searching everywhere for some ideas…yours is a great idea by the way.
    Please send me a picture if you did get it done. =)

  5. Hi i was looking to get a tattoo at the bottom of my back “Faith, Hope & Love”… love the arabic translations, i believe the writing is very similar to malaysian writing which is my background. What would the translation be for just those words??

  6. Hi there!

    I’m glad you like the translations. Here is just the phrase “Faith, Hope, And Love” in Arabic in different fonts:
    Faith, Hope, And Love
    Hope that helps!

  7. I just want to know how to write Love in Arabic, but I have so far found about 10 different ways! How do I know which one is right before I get it tattooed on me lol

  8. I have not forgotten everyone!!!
    I’m going to get the tattoo done Wednesday, while I am out of town 🙂

  9. I’ve found a ton of different ways to write faith and or believe. But, I’m not sure which one would be the best for me to use. I’m getting it tattooed on me so I really don’t want to be wrong! Thanks!

  10. hi, i would also like to get a tattoo similar to this but going down my spine what way round would i get it? would it be backwards?

  11. @Chloe:
    What tattoo in particular would you want to get?

    Arabic is written from right to left, so if you’d want the tattoo to start at the top of your spine and end at the bottom, then you’d need to rotate the Arabic writing 45° counter-clockwise.

  12. Hi i would like to know how to write “faith, hope, love” in Arabic. I wasn’t sure if the translation you provided up the page included the word “and”. I wanted to place this on my foot, so the space is limited…Thank you!

  13. Hey, you seem to know a lot, and id love your help – how would i write Serenity?
    there seems to be so much mix up with the word, that i just dont understand anymore how it would be written. your input would be much appreciated Thank youu!

  14. If you have a minute, please reply, because i am waiting for your answer so i can finally get my tattoo 🙂 I am mostly intrested in a translation for “faith, hope, love” without the “and” because it has to fit on my foot. And i would also want to know how to write “1Corinthians 13” . Thank you 🙂

  15. @Marta
    Sorry for the late reply. “faith, hope, love”, without the “and” between the words can be found here. As you will notice, it’s not much shorter, since “and” in Arabic consists of just one letter.

  16. I’m so excited I found this blog!!
    I am going to get Faith in Arabic on my wrist.
    Now I know I will it will be done correctly. Last thing I want is a tattoo with the wrong meaning!

  17. This is such an amazing blog!!
    I was wondering if you would be able to show me what Saved (religous) saved was in Arabic.
    Thank you so so much in advance.

  18. i want to get love conquers all and love kills slowly written in arabic? can someone help me?

  19. Hi, would it be possible if you could you tell me what the arabic translation for serenity is? and also Chloe if you can? I have found your website very helpful and one of only a few that seem to be legitimate! Thank you very much. 🙂

  20. Hi,can you write Atima in Arabic?It ‘s a name,just to know…But i need that as a picture,I want to print that..,’cause i Arabic when I copy that and paste it doesnt look same….Thank you so much.

  21. Hi, you replied saying i should get it written counter clockwise, is there any chance you could show me a picture of the same tattoo but counter clockwise the faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love tattoo. Just as an example thankyou

  22. @Chloe
    Yes, sure. When I said that you should rotate the image 45° counter clockwise I meant it quite literally. Here is the picture for “Faith, hope and love – but the greatest of these is love” rotated 45° counter clockwise:
    Click Here

  23. wow it took me all day to find this site!! awesome!
    ok, so i want a tattoo in arabic. i cannot decide between “live,love,laugh” andd “faith,hope,love” as you’ve shown above.

    i was wondering if you could provide the picture of both of these phrases, rotated 45 degrees counter clockwise

    and merry christmas from new zealand! 😀

  24. Hello ArabicGenie 🙂 Can you translate this phrases please : ” People always leave and never come back or if they come back, never be the same again” I want this for my tattoo

    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

  25. @Iona
    I try to do my best, but I just don’t have enough time to translate all requests for free. So, if you want to book a slot in my schedule you might want to order a custom design here:
    Unique Arabic Tattoo Design Service
    (on the page you can only select up to six words in length, but I’ll make an exception for you and translate the whole phrase you requested for the same fee as six words)

  26. Thank you so much. I’ll be waiting’ for your answer. This Phrase it’s mean a lot for me 🙂

  27. If you have time could you write out “strength and beauty” i would like to get this tattooed on the back of my neck and also the word, “compassion”, thank you!!

  28. This site is amazing and you have a great talent! I’m so glad i discovered your site:) Could you please write out the words “broken promises” in your unique calligraphy for me? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you and Happy New Year!!

  29. Thanks so much your awesome and its beautiful, I will get this tattooed on my ankle this weekend hopefully! Anything on strength and beauty yet?

  30. hey dude i was hoping for a written form in arabic caligraphy to be tattooed on my back. it’s an old arab proverb which goes like “Death is a black camel which kneels at every man’s gate. “

  31. Hi Raul,

    I think that proverb is of Turkish origin. However, I can translate it into Arabic for you. Just go to my Custom Tattoo Design section and select 6 words. (I know it’s longer than 6 words, but I’ll translate the rest for free.)

  32. HI,

    so please identify for me which is FAITH HOPE LOVE? just so i know which is which
    please thank you

  33. Qivi, please see my comment above. The phrase is represented in five different fonts.

    الإيمان = (the)faith
    الرجاء = (the)hope
    المحبة = (the)love*
    و = and

    *Note that المحبة does not translate as “romantic” love here. In this context it refers more to the kind of “Christian” / “compassion” love.

  34. hi,

    i was also thinking about getting faith, hope, and love in arabic as for a tattoo. where i want to get it, is on my upper left arm on the inside of the bicep area, so which way is the correct way to have the words tattooed?

  35. Hi JW,

    Remember that Arabic is written from right to left. So in your case of the inside of the upper left arm I would think that the tattoo should be written from the elbow area in the direction of your armpit. This way you would be able to read the tattoo yourself when you lift your left arm. I hope that makes sense. Let me know.

  36. hello, I want to ask me to translate “Forever in my heart!” my boyfriend is Arab and I want to dedicate this tattoo on it:))) thanks

  37. P.S. if you can get a response quickly please because I have an hour in Friday for the tattoo!! thanks :)and whether it can have several options ………………….?

  38. Hi there.. would it be possible to see what my name (Alma) would look like in Arabic? I was thinking of having it tattooed. Also, does it mean anything in Arabic?

  39. Is it possible to see what my name (Carolynn) would look like in Arabic? I really would like to get it tattooed.
    Thanks for you help.

  40. My husband’s name is Haney and my name is Alicia. We wanted to get each other’s names tattooed in arabic .. Could you help me out with the translation?


  41. hi could you please help me translate ‘trust’ and ‘peace’ separately into arabic? i can’t find them anywhere!

  42. time waits for no one into arabic i want a tattoo of it across my ribs….thank you xxx

  43. hi i was wondering if i could get help on how to translate “living through faith” in arabic

  44. hi i was wondering if u could translate “nancy” and “revolution” in arabic if u can….
    plse and thank u

  45. Hi! I wanted to get the tattoo faith hope love, but I’ve found so many different calligraphies. The one below is what I found on another website. Is this even correct? If not I will use one of the calligraphies that you’ve attached above. Thanks for your help!

    الإيمان الحب الأمل

  46. Hi Mari! That translation is correct, except that it’s not in the right order. It says “faith, love, hope” not “faith, hope, love”. However, regardless of this, there is another consideration: since “faith, hope, love” is a quote from the Bible, I feel that the translation should reflect that and be in line with the Arabic versions of the Bible. The differences in meaning may be subtle, but e.g. محبة can have a somewhat different meaning from حب insofar as the former has connotations of compassionate love, that the latter does not necessarily have to the same extent (although this is debatable of course).

  47. any chance you could write the word HOPE in arabic script for me. i don’t want to take any chances.
    i am hoping to have it as a tattoo on my back – My mom is syrian. and it would mean a lot to have this word in arabic. thanks for any help!!

  48. Hi! I would like to get the tattoo “forever in my heart” in Arabic. It’s for my grandmother who died. I’ve seen a lot of translations and they were all different. Can somebody please tell me what’s the right translation?
    Thanx for any help!!

  49. What’s the right translation for “forever in my heart”?
    قلبي إلى الأبد
    في فؤادي
    في قلبي دائماً
    Thanx for answer!

  50. hi can you help with with the correct translation for god
    and also for the word faith

    can you do this in with the short vowels and harakaat please

  51. hi…i want to know how to write mom in arabic…i want to get a tattoo…but its gotta be vertically please…


  52. I love this quote, and I’m interested in getting it tattooed on my back. However, I was wondering, is it possible to get it designed into a heart using arabic calligraphy?

    Thanks for your help!

  53. hi. just wondered if you could please just give me the words – Faith Hope Love – in traditional arabic font, (not with the word and between them!) and also indicate which bit is which!!
    really want these three words wrote down the side of my foot, but found about 6 different ways of writing it and not sure which is the traditional arabic font!

  54. Hi Stacey,
    please see my comment above. The phrase is represented in five different fonts.

    الإيمان = (the)faith
    الرجاء = (the)hope
    المحبة = (the)love*
    و = and

  55. Hi, i know your busy but was wondering how to write wounds to wisdom in arabic ive had so many different translations! Thank you 🙂

  56. Thank you so much arabic genie! 🙂 can you tell me if this is correct for wounds to wisdom
    جروح للحكمة

  57. They pray ArabicGenie Hey could you write the word correctly> That what he thinks of me Allah to give him twice Който каквото си мисли за мен аллах да му даде два пъти <<Thanks

  58. say Bulgarian: Който каквото си мисли за мен аллах да му даде два пъти. i need Arabic

  59. sziasztok én Magyarország írok és ma 17:00 kor lesz a kezemre tetoválva hogy “Hit,remény,szeretet” arab írással én nagyon boldog mert imádom

  60. Hi Anita! If I understand correctly you are getting one of the designs for “Faith, Hope, Love” tattooed? That’s great. I’d love to see a picture of the finished tattoo.

  61. i can’t believe you all wouldn’t just go to free translations to find out what all your words are in arabic you can translate full documents SDL lots of languages to choose too x

  62. Angie, do you seriously suggest people use a machine translation service or have their tattoo designs translated by an anonymous user instead of someone reputable? This is a bad idea on so many levels. First of all, the translations are very likely to be plain wrong from such a bad source. Secondly, check out my article on Arabic tattoo mistakes to read about what copy-pasting can do to your design. In short, a tattoo is (almost) forever, so it might be worth investing some effort into getting a proper translation and design.

  63. what about my name “aliyah” and what is the meaning of if ? and translate the meaning in arabic please

  64. hello can i ask how is on arab :
    Proteced by God and to my name Yordan and my girldfriend Rozalina
    thank you!

  65. Hey can you please translate “believe in love” and just “love” itself. Im trying to decide which one to get tattoed. It will be done in my bikini line, under my belly. so which way is the correct way to have the words tattooed? Thanks!

  66. Btw im getting it this friday so i hope you get some time to answer me , thanks! 🙂

  67. As a matter of fact, is this the correct translation for believe in love ? نرى في الحب

  68. Do you read from the right or the left? and also how do you say loyalty and faith and love in arabic?

  69. Could you design the name ‘Gemma’ in Arabic in a plain arabic straight font please?

  70. I’m a bellydancer, and I’m planning on getting a tattoo on the back of my hips in Arabic. I’d like to get the phrase “Feel the pain, dance it out, let it go” translated. I know it’s a bit…casual, but could you help me out? If it needs to be simplified, just let me know what the new version translate back to in English. 🙂

  71. Hello Arabic Genie,

    So which one is better for “Faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is love”?

    الإيمان والرجاء والمحبة، هذه الثلاثة ولكن أعظمهن المحبة


    الإيمان والرجاء والمحبة. ولكن أعظمها هي المحبة


    الإيمان والرجاء والمحبة. ولكن أعظمهن هي المحبة

    Thanks in advance!

  72. Hey my name is briaa…can u please translate my tios name.. its fawzi omar I want it arabic because I wuld like to get his name because he passed away and was like my father…plz and thank u it means alot

  73. Hi hope all is good. I’m going for a tattoo soon & want a love quote in Arabic. The tattoo
    will go down my spine. Thanx Nerina

  74. How is the words “in love” and “i carry the weight of the world on my shoulders” written in Arabic… I want to get it tattooed.
    Thank you

  75. im goin to get a tattoo next in arabic for faith hope n love but the problem is dat i got the translation of it but im not sure about it.If u dont mind can u show me how to write faith hope and love in arabic

  76. Hi my name is hazel, I would like to have a tattooed in arabic . can you translate please..
    “everything leaves a mark”.
    thank you .

  77. Hello(: First I would like to say that I think this page has been very helpful to those who wish to have words translated in Arabic, so thank you so much. And I was wondering if you would be able to translate “Courage, Strength, Faith” in that order, as I wish to have this tattoo done. I found this > (الشجاعة قوة الإيمان) but I am not sure if it is correct. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely, Stephanie

  78. on a posting you replied back to on August 22nd 2010 at 4:38 p.m. you showed how to write “faith hope love” in Arabic, my question is the way you have it listed from top to bottom with faith being on top love in the bottom and hope in the middle can I get it tattooed in that order in which you have it listed and have the same meaning? for I am half Lebanese and would be totally humiliated if I had it written wrong. I look forward to your answer thank you very much

  79. I want to get an arabic tatto down my spine that say “let your faith be bigger than your fear” can you please help me

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