Arabic Tattoo – Forgive Me Mother

A reader of my blog wrote this request in a comment:

hi im helal i wanted 2 get a tattoo saying (forgive me mum) could you please translate in arabic writing for me ?

In Arabic “to forgive”  can be expressed by many verbs, e.g. غفر (ghafara), عذر (‘adhara), or عفا (‘afaa). In this particular instance I would translate “forgive me mother” using the verb سامح (saamaHa):

سامحيني يا أمي (saamiHeeni ya ummi)

Below is this phrase in two different fonts. Both sentences have exactly the same meaning.

Forgive Me Mother

Forgive Me Mother

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12 thoughts on “Arabic Tattoo – Forgive Me Mother

  1. Hi, my name is Jordyn and I am looking at getting a tattoo in arabic. I really liked the idea of ‘strength, courage and wisdom’ but I really wanted ‘Strength, Hope and Courage’, this seems like the only reliable source on the internet since i want the translation to be correct! If you could translate this for me that would be awesome, thank you!

  2. hi, could you translate ” CAROLINA” for me?? it’s my sisters name.

  3. could you translate

    Sometimes, you wake up and have to ask where you are.
    You wake up, and you’re nowhere.
    You wake up, and that’s enough.


    A moment was the most you could ever expect from perfection.


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