Time Heals All Wounds

Yazmin requested a translation of the English proverb “time heals all wounds” into Arabic. I’m unaware of any proverb that is similar in Arabic, so in this case a more or less direct translation is a viable alternative In fact one of the Arab readers of this blog confirmed that the proverb is used exactly like that in Arabic:

الزمن يداوي كل الجراح

Pronunciation: az-zaman yudaawi kull al-djiraaH

This translates literally as: “the-time cures/treats all the-wounds”.

Even though this is not an Arab proverb itself, the translation will be understood easily by any native speaker.

Here is the proverb “time heals all wounds” in Arabic in picture format:

Time Heals All Wounds in Arabic

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I hope you find my translation useful!

17 thoughts on “Time Heals All Wounds

  1. actually we do say this in Arabic .. you can also say الزمن كفيل بأن يداوي كل الجراح

    الجرح سنة ويطيب .. لكن من فارغ الحبيب .. ماظني عن باله يغيب .. ما ينفع لا دواء ولا طبيب .. غير موته حسرة من النحيب

  2. this is very helpful and i plan to buy your book as a gift for my uncle. Question: how am i suppose to know that the “Time Heals all Wounds” is the actually writing. I plan on getting this tattoo in 3 days & as any one else, i want to make sure this writing is accurate.. can you just explain to me briefly how this is to be? or even if you can send me a link from another place with the same translation? Thank you! it would be much appreciated!

  3. Genia, as always online (as in real life) there aren’t any guarantees that the information you find is correct. However, I take every care to ensure the accuracy of the tattoo designs I publish here, as I know how important it is to get the writing and grammar right for something that will stay with you for a very long time. One of the Arab readers in a comment above confirmed that this is an actual Arabic proverb. On Google there are 34 instances (minus one result from this blog) of the exact phrase. Hope my answer helps you make up your mind. Also note, that I can provide alternative designs using different fonts of the same phrase in my custom tattoo design service.

  4. Shalah, the reason I provide the writing in picture format is that many readers do not have the necessary support to display the Arabic script installed on their PCs. With a picture you can be sure that the writing displays correctly and does not change when printing or copy-pasting.

  5. Hey!
    So i found what i was lookin for – time heals all wounds.
    I want to have this as a tattoo.
    i’m wondering which translation is right now because of “makkay’s” entry..
    i really want to have this sentence as a tattoo but i got to be sure about it you know (:
    so..can u tell me the right translation in maybe different fonts?
    I would be very,very thankful!

    Best regards

  6. You are great aT responding! So if I was to get the picture format tattooed would it still mean the same thing?

  7. Shalah: yes, it’s the same writing, just a different font – think Times New Roman and Arial.

  8. Deliana, in his comment Makkay confirms that my translation is in fact used by the Arabs themselves as a proverb. He then goes on to add a few lines of poetry that he wrote himself revolving around the proverb. No discrepancy here. I will provide at least six different fonts when you use my custom tattoo design service.

  9. what about the picture format of this: اذا حبتك حية اطوّق بها

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