Imperfection is Beauty

Christine asked me to take a look at a translation of “imperfection is beauty” which she obtained from a friend:

لعيب هو الجمال

It seems that this translation is accurate on the whole, but one letter probably got lost when copy and pasting the text. It should read:

العيب هو الجمال

This is pronounced: al-3aeeb huwa l-djamaal

Personally, I would have chosen a slightly different translation, namely:

النقص هو الجمال

This is pronounced: an-naqS huwa l-djamaal

And in picture format:

4 thoughts on “Imperfection is Beauty

  1. Hey, is this correctly spelled 100%? Just want to be sure before i tattoo this on my skin!

  2. how would u say ‘imperfection is beauty madness is genius’ is it النقص هو الجنون الجمال هو عبقرية

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